Scylla Sunday

I LOVES this box. Not only is it a good box to lay in but do you know what was in it? Canned catfood.

Mommy has had trouble finding my diet canned catfood at the grocery store and she didn't feel like driving to Petsmart so she ordered it online. The only problem was I got 24 cans of the same flavor instead of a variety of flavors.

Fenris agrees with me that my canned catfood is very yummy. It is Friskies Indoor, Petsmart had all the flavors and I liked them all. They also have Innova Low Fat Adult Canned Cat Food which I LOVE, Mommy got a few cans of it for me to try and she promised to get a few more when she goes back. Because I regurgitates my food I gets canned catfood first and then some dry catfood. That way I don't regurgitate my food. I also has dry cat food throughout the day to snack on. I has been eating  Iams Weight Control Dry Cat Food and this month I gets to try Eukanuba Weight Control Dry Cat Food.  I am looking forward to that as I loves Fenris Eukanuba dry dog food.

Fenris is a very silly dog.

He thinks I am going to get out of my box and play with him. It's not happening.

Nope, no way..........................

Do you thinks he wants to get in the box?

Well he can't it's mine. Today we are celebrating Mo-Cats Day. Because you can never have enough cats.

If you needs a cat to help you celebrate Mo-Cats Day you can find one at Petfinder or Rescue Me, so what are you waiting for adopt a cat and celebrate Mo-cats Day.


  1. Hello pretty Scylla! Slide over and make room for me!

  2. Enjoy that food!! 24 cans of the same flavor is a lot, but think my peeps give me a 50 pound bag of the same food at a time!!! Enjoy!

  3. BOL - what Finn says is true! We dogs don't get a lot of variety!


  4. Oh! A box full of canned food! I would never leave it either!

  5. Funny post! Love you Scylla!
    Your brother dog is funny!

  6. I think all kitties need box therapy!

    I started ordering Sissy's food because the store was often out of 3 oz. size cans of Nature's Variety Instinct. She doesn't eat microwaved leftovers very well :(

  7. We think Fenris looks so happy! But we'd keep that box...there might be a few stray food molecules in it!

  8. We can't believe someone thought there should be no cats on the Internet for one day. Happy Mo Cats Day!

    We wish there was a way to order single cans of our favorite foods so we could get a lot of variety.

    Truffle and Brulee

  9. Only one flavor? How boring. TBT orders ours in 8 flavors and lines them up in the pantry so we get a differnt one each meal. Its not like they go bad in just a few months...

  10. Silly Fenris.
    He'd NEVER fit in that box.
    Enjoy the foods!!!
    ; ) Katie

  11. You are having a food fest! Fenris is a sweetie but his butt is too big for that box. Just saying.


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