We were STUCK for an idea for this weeks photo hunt, but decided to use this picture cause ................well because we didn't have any other pictures to use. It does kinda look like the Butterfly is STUCK to the flower, and we have no clue why it looks like the flower is floating in the air, we promise it did have a steam. The Butterfly was flapping it's wings very fast.

Mommy changed the color just to see how it would look  Which do you likes better the top one or the bottom one? ~Socks, Scylla & Fenris


  1. Fuzzy, but we recognize it. We have that one too. We think.

  2. I like the color on the bottom - aren't cameras annoying? They focus on the weirdest things...


  3. That is pretty darn cool!

  4. I like the bottom one! What a great idea for e word. This is beautiful!

  5. we see that pretty butterfly
    Benny & Lily


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