Remembering ................Thanksgiving with Fen

Mommy had the table set all pretty, although she did use PAPER PLATES.

We had lots of desserts. The Chocolate Pecan Pies were just the FIRST displayed, can you believe I didn't get any. They said something about chocolate being BAD for DOGS.

I supervised Mommy's decorating so everything looked pretty.

And I supervised the cooking so she didn't burn anything.

But and this is really sad.........................

After I did all that work and they put a great big Turkey on the platter they didn't fix ME a plate. I hopes they do better at Christmas. ~Fenris


  1. There was NO turkey on YOUR PLATE??? THAT is WRONG on So many levels.
    We certainly hope that SHE did much BETTER Yesterday!!!

  2. After all that supervision you didn't get anything! It sure looks pretty
    Benny & Lily

  3. How terrible that was! We think doggies can have some turkey--no bones or stuffing, though :)

  4. I too hope they did better on Christmas! Did they?

  5. Kisses and good Wednesday friends!

  6. You are such a good boy and you should get lots of plates all the time!

  7. Fen, keep your eyes on da floor !
    My cousin Basil ( doggie ) always does that, and serious ! You will get some piece ; )

  8. okay, can we just say....that's criminal! After all that snoopervising too! *shakes head* Humans!

  9. You make a great snoopervisor

  10. Bretty much same fing habbens round here... sum fing a bout lubbing me and looking abter my well being.

    Yeah Yeah... Whell, I send yeu my lubbs from Little Reufus


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