Thursday in the Garden

We are having bizarre weather. The frost killed the Candy Corn Cuphea, that is normal for this time of year. What is not normal is it is coming back out. It thinks it is Spring.

Daddy has been making improvemnts to the greenhouse, which the Mom is really enjoying.

Fenris insist the humans need to rake the leaves.

I think Mommy needs to water the plants. These are winter plants so we are leaving them out.

I will MEOW at her until she waters them.

The Maypops are trying to come back out too. I am telling them to go back to sleep, winter isn't over yet.

I wonder if they will listen to me?

The Pineapple Sage in front is still blooming.

Now I am off to make my report to the Society of Feline Gardeners. Hi Jonesie! Hi everybody! ~Scylla


  1. Those natures is all wonderful!

  2. Scylla, it's very nice that you would have such a lovely garden all year round!

  3. you have sunshine and we got 5+ inches of snow!

  4. We are having a weird winter too, but Mom doesn't have a green thumb. We just have a few plants out right now.


  5. Hello pretty Scylla and handsome Fenris! Your garden still looks nice, it sure isn't garden weather up thos way!

  6. We've got NOTHIN' in our garden outside. Not even a proper amount of snow. Just a dusting of the stuff along with a whack of cold air. Inside, the peep has some pretty amaryllis. Thank goodness for that or else we'd have NOTHIN' AT ALL! purrs

  7. You better tell momma to get the hose out ASAP
    Benny & Lily

  8. Those MayPops... need to wait 79 more days.

  9. As usual, your flowers look terrific. And Fenris, you are correct, those leaves do need raking. Hope all of you have a great day.

  10. Loving all the pics of you lately Fenris

  11. What a nice yard!!!! Ours was kinds greenish,with the grass and trees with no leaves and some evergreens.
    Then today it snowed!! Then it rained and the wind blew hard. It is still blowing tonight. We would rather be in your yard!! (if we were allowed out ,that is) heehee
    We hope you all had a great Christmas :)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  12. It is amazing that you have such flowers blooming again now. WE are surprised just to see daffodil shoots barely peeking up here.

  13. Oops, wanted to add that I saw a hint at Consumers Reports about close-up pictures. It said to take them from a bit farther away (so they are clear) and then crop them on the computer so they LOOK like close-ups.

    I've been doing that for years but didn't think to suggest it til I read the hint.

    ~ The Big Thing


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