Spencer from Los angeles, CA is looking for a Home

Spencer, my 10 yr old Tabby and I live in Los Angeles, CA and I'm getting married and moving in with my wife (obviously) who has two dogs that are not cat friendly.  I want to find a great home for Spencer as he has a special place in my heart.  He is an indoor/outdoor cat, LOVES to cuddle at night and gets along with other cats.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Please email Jeff if you know anyone who may be interested in giving Spencer a home.

Good news from JFF ~ Spencer found a HOME!!!!!!!!!  Jan's Funny Farm: Spencer Found Good Home


  1. I hope Spencer finds a nice forever home. He shouldn't be marrying anyone with two dogs who don't like cats but that's just me. thanks for coming to my pawty yesterday. TW hasn't had time to do the clown thing yet.

  2. Purring hard that Spencer finds the perfect home in L.A.! From the crew at Colehauscats.com

  3. We hope Spencer gets a wonderful new home--maybe even with some doggies who appreciate kitties :)

  4. Poor Spencer, his owner is evil, he is just dumping this poor guy after all these years. I hope that dude rots in....someplace not nice.

  5. Why shouldnt the dogs be looking for a new home?

    But our purrs for Spencer...

  6. Purrs that Spencer find a nece loving home that would appreciate him. So sad he was dumped by his owner after all these years. That is so not good and downright treacherous.

  7. yup, afraid I agree with CK and Brian...Spencer is being dumped after all those years of loving his Guardian who is turning out to be his executioner. Probably will just "owner surrender" him to the pound and Spencer will be destroyed. Wish we could have him come here. His human doesn't deserve him anymore anyways. Sorry Miss Alasandra, but I feel really strongly about this, we see so many abandoned older cats at my former shelter...they are so confused and depressed. Makes me have leaky eyes

  8. Wooowww.He is look like my cat ''Tarcın''(means that Ginger'' http://petijo.com/pin/244726


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