Thursday in the Garden

First we wants to remind you to email Tuiren your clown pictures by Feb 1st, to be included in the Clown Tent. We are so excited about the great line up of shows coming to town Feb 15th & 16th. This circus is going to be HUGE.

Now for our Gardening post.
We are so excited about this weeks gardening post.We actually has lots of stuffs to tell you.

The weather has been in the 70s here not like January at all so Mommy got some flowers to plant.

Mommy was totally wowed by this Pericallis and just had to bring it home.

She got the Buttercup out of the greenhouse to enjoy the nice weather.

Then she planted pansies in this flower bed.

We likes the blue and purple ones the best.

She put some in the hanging baskets too. This basket has different colors in it.

And this one is mostly yellow.

We also got her to plant some seeds. She planted purple pepper, Butterflyweed, Gerber Daisies, Devil Trumpets from seeds she collected. Now we will just have to wait and see if they come up.

Now off to Jonesie's we go to make our report to The Society of Feline Gardeners. We thinks they will be impressed.


  1. What a wonderful time...lots of pretty flowers pop up like say " Hello "
    I really enjoy your mom's garden : )

  2. Thanks Mr Puddy. Old Man Winter played a joke on us, it is COLD here today.

  3. It feels good to some flowers - Thanks ;o)

  4. I've never heard of Pericallis--it's gorgeous! We are having cold weather now. The temperatures have been like a roller coaster.

  5. Look at the flowers coming up! Oh wonderful!

  6. Meow trying to go viral. Please help meow:

    For the lols,

  7. Looks like a great time in the garden. Can't wait to see all the clown pics

  8. Your flowers are all great! OUR pansies are just sitting around sulking about all the sudden weather changes.

  9. Wow, how great to have such pretty flowers in January!

  10. I did my gardening report to Jonesie too, mostly I had Camellias to talk about, but it was something at least. Wherever do you live to have such glorious warm weather? We are in Nor Calif, it is nice, but NOT THAT NICE MOL

  11. Very Nice. We love these surprise warm days in the winter. We have been pruning and doing a bit of tidying up. We confess to planting a few primroses. Color is so nice this time of year!

    Wyatt and family


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