Mancat Monday

I am helping Mommy weed. I has a really important job, I has to meow encouragement at her so she doesn't give up.

I also provide company for her while she weeds, so she doesn't get lonely.

Unfortunately Eldest Boy Bean's puppy is interfering with my job. He is always with Mommy. And the brat chased Scylla the other day.

I don't think I like being an Uncle. Mommy there is an ant bed in the Charybdis Bed, better put some ant poison in there.

I need to check and see what else needs doing so I can report to Mommy.

And I better keep an eye on MISTER too. I think he needs whapping with my paw. ~Socks

PeeS: Frankie has some stuffs he wanted to let everybody know about the circus.

1. The CHIP IN is already UP and will be accepting "donations"/admission Tickets from NOW  until  Fri. Feb. 22nd.
     You may notice that the funds are not going Directly to Turien, Sallie , Or Marg's Pay Pal Accounts.....There was just ONE Chip In Created for the Circus...    This was done to make it easier for US, and Less confusing for You.                Once the Circus Tents are all Packed Up... the funds will be distributed to them.  
2. There will be TWO (2) Comment A Thon Baskets   
   a.  Pip's Basket  will go the the person who leaves the MOST comments on the KISSING BOOTH
   b.  The Circus themed Basket will go to the person who leaves the MOST comments throughout the Two Days... ON the      CIRCUS BLOG ONLY.....         (NOT on the Side Show Blogs).
3.  The Circus Blog will have the following things available  for  $1.00 each view or attempt   OR   10 for  $9.00.
    They are as follows
  a.  Dunk Tank     $1.00 per Throw   or   10 tosses for  $9.00
  b.  House of Mirrors    $1.00 per View   or   10 Views for  $9.00
  c.  Kissing Booth  (Pip and Mayzie)   $1.00 per kiss or  10 kisses for $9.00
  d.  Contortionists     $1.00 per View or    10 Views for  $9.00
  e.  Fortunes told by Mdm. Molly     $1.00 per Fortune or 10 for $9.00
  f.   Carnival GAMES.... there will be SEVERAL    $1.00 per try on each Game  or  10 tires for $9.00.
4.  SIDE SHOW Posts.....  THESE are    FREE       to view and enjoy
   a.  FUReak Show   by Shelldon and Beachnut      http:/
   b.  Carnival FOODS  by Chef Sasha                      
   c.  Carnival Rides   by Sallie                       
   d.  CLOWNS  by  Turien                 
   e.  OUTDOOR  Stuffie Taming    by Benny and Lily
   f.   INDOOR/Tent  Stuffie Taming by Frankie and Ernie
Wags and Licks from: Frankie Furter & Ernie    Frankly Speaking


  1. Sensational Socks! You are doing a grand job snoopervising the pawrents and the Beans and the puppy! Phew!! And it's only Monday still!! :-) take care

  2. Good job helping with the weeding, Socks! I try to help my mom with the weeding but she says it's just digging, not weeding. What does she know?

    Wiggles & Wags,

  3. Good job snoopervising, Socks! I think Scylla is big enough to whap that pup a good one. She should give it a try :)

  4. You are an excellent snoopervisor!

  5. Socks, you keep that pup in line he needs to learn that CATS RULE!

  6. I love that look on your face Socks, you are in charge!

  7. Mr Sox,
    Yous could jump on that dog from the top of a chair, like me does to keeps the hairy slobbery sisters in line.


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