Mancat Monday

 I stole Fenris', Tuiren's Mr. Who's bed.

 It is very comfy.

I could sleep here all day, it is also very large would you like to come snuggle with me Samantha? In fact I thinks it is the perfect size for a slumber party. So's if you wants drop by and snuggle with me on MY BED. ~Socks


  1. Awwww lovely Socks!! Plenty of room for you and your Samantha to cuddle up! Yay! Take care

  2. Oh Socks, you have the entire place to yourself
    Benny & Lily

  3. Socks you have taken over someone bed too. Just like Kitty everything hers'

    Woof, Lovie

  4. That looks so, so very comfy Socks, hope no one minded you "borrowing" that bed hehe!

    Gerry & Mungo

  5. socks...dont forget yur snak tray filled with ham samiches N donuts !!

  6. oh Socks, that bed looks nice...skootch over a I come!

  7. We hope there is still sometime tonight fer us to port over and share yer big bed Socks!

  8. That's a great bed, Socks. We can see why you stole it.

  9. Socks! Does yous mind if a older lady cat joined the slumber pawty? Me's would LOVES to snuggles with yous!


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