Party Time

Photograph by Karl : Fenris, Gracie, Mrs Oz, Olive, Charlotte, Asta, Socks Back Row: Karl, Ruis, Gigi, Scylla & Tuiren

Well I had a lot of FUN on the train, until Fenris drug me off. He said that Scylla was howling about her new clothes being left on the train with us and that we had to take the suitcases to her ASAP. Scylla's suitcase weighed a ton, hasn't she ever heard of PACKING LIGHT. But carry the suitcases to them we did and thanks to Fenny using the GPS we even got there in time for the PARTY!!!!!!!

Photo by Karl

Since Sergi comes from Spain we decided to have foods he was accustomed to, we have paella and sangria, dig right in it sure is yummy. So load up your plates with paella and fill your glasses with sangria and have a good time!

Mrs. OZ is dancing the  flamenco, I will have to get her to teach me how to do that.

Please join us in welcoming Sergi to his new home.

On Bed: Tuiren & Sergi On Floor: Fenris, Scylla & Socks

Sergi is a very nice doggie and took the unexpected company in stride. Sergi had a huge adventure getting to his forever home.  He came from a Shelter in Malaga (Spain) and is about 3 years old. You can watch the shelter video here. He flew all the way to Amsterdam from Spain to find his forever family.

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Tuiren reporting for Alasandra, The Cats & Dogs


  1. Well that is so great that Sergi has a good home. He sure is cute. Have a great day.

  2. Welcome, Sergi! We know you'll love your new home!

  3. OMC! How adorable Sergio is. What fun it was to get together and meet Sergio and have a party too. He just fit right in huh?

  4. Sergi is quite the handsome dog! We're glad he had such a great homecoming party :)

  5. Hello Sergei, you have really landed on all four paws in your new home!

    Sergei, are you part Basenji? our ape said you look like you are. You sure are handsome.

    Wow! What a wonderful party!

    Gerry & Mungo

  6. That is a reason for a good pawrty
    Benny & Lily

  7. best fishes two ewe sergi in yur new forevers home !!! looks like everee one hada grate time at de partee :)

  8. You're guys are amazing! Such a great surprise party and the dancing and drinking and eating is still going on... ;-)

  9. what a grand adventure...ummm...did Scylla's clothes get wrinkled? Sergi, you have a great life ahead of you buddy!

  10. Thank you for your kind purrs to Michico, she gets better!! :)

    Such wonderful and sweet party~~~

  11. Welcome home to Sergi! And me must say, he looks a lot like my hairy slobbery sister Cinnamon!


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