Grandma says the thing I does with my ears is QUIRKY. It makes her laugh. She is not laughing now thought cause I took my bandage off. You can see the metal thing attached to my broke leg.

It takes the weight off my bones around the break, so I don't even know my leg is broke. ~Mr. Who


  1. Mr Who!! You gots to leave da bandage on your leggy or else peoples will think you is a transformer!!

    You aren't a transformer... are you?!

  2. You are such a talented pup :)

    We hope that metal thingy is off in no time (and that cursed collar, too)!

  3. Oh no, Mr. Who - you aren't supposed to do that! Only a few more days and those pins will be gone too. Just try to be a good boy and leave things alone, OK?

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. Mr Who you have been a trooper through this entire ordeal...what a brave little man you are...Meow!
    Kitty XO

  5. Mr. Who... you are like Mr. HOUDINI now... HOW did you get the bandgage off with the Cone of Shame on?
    You had better leave it alone buddy.

  6. ouch!! those metals look so uncomfortable! But if you can walk, then it's gotta be ok, right?


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