Many of you remember Karl from The Cat Realm and his husband Ruis.  Ruis' family got a new member: a 3 year old podenco named sergi who flew in from a shelter in spain yesterday!

Of course the gang got together and organized a surprise party for sergi - but then we boarded the wrong train in Amsterdam and after seeing half of Europe we were too late but will still have a party - surprise or not!

Photo by Karl
scylla and socks, charlotte and gigi and angelmomo, asta, gracie and ollie, Karl and mrs. OZ.
ruis and sergi in the back
Check back for that later - and you are ALL invited! We will have directions on how to get there, not sure you want to follow them though. Maybe you should use Google Maps or something.

Fenris and Tuiren are still riding the train, they were having so much fun they refused to get off the train.... what can we say, they are dogs. Give them a window to sit by so they can stick their nose out and sniffs different smells and hang out their tongues and they are in heaven. Who were we to interfere with DOG Nirvana.

Here we are, arriving in the Netherlands, and Oh Rats!!!!!! We jut realized we left our luggage on the train with Fenris & Tuiren. Thank Cod for cell phones, we shall have to give them a buzz with instructions for getting themselves and our luggage here. ~Socks & Scylla


  1. Welcome Sergi!! And for cod's sake Scylla and Socks, be careful and you better get Tuiren and Fenris off that train...paw pats, Savannah

  2. Savannah, Well they better show up soon with MY luggage. I has some terrific new outfits in there. ~Scylla

  3. Haha from the previous post! I will get a chance to meet Sergi...
    Miss Kitty
    Purrs XO

  4. wow...what an adventure!

  5. the party is on! we, including you, are in the netherlands eating paella, drinking sangria and later on probably all dancing flamenco....
    karl and mrs. OZ
    PS: fenris and tuiren made it too!


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