Tuiren Tuesday & Farewell to Weenie

Since I am on restricted activity I am doing a lot of this.  I am looking forward to June 13th when I will be free to play again. ~Tuiren reporting for Alasandra, The Cats & Dogs

We has a sads
Weenie from Mona, Weenie and The Mommy has gone to the Rainbow Bridge after being stung by a lot of bees.  We are heartbroken for Mona and his Mommy who will miss him very much and for his fiancee Amber da Weenie


  1. Sweet Tuiren! You rest and get better now! Yay! Take care

  2. That was so sad about Weenie.
    Tuiren, sounds like you don't have much longer before you can be free again. Hope all have a great day.

  3. Take it easy - you'll be able to romp around and play again real soon!

  4. I hope the time will run lightning-fast till you can play and run again. I'm so sad about the bad news from Weenie.

  5. Are you counting down the days? We are and can hardly wait to see you play and romp with Fenris and Who :)

    We are so sad to hear about Weenie and the bee stings. I've heard of that before. It must be just awful :(

  6. we feel bad about weenie......but we didn't know him :(

  7. The time will fly by, Tuiren! We're real sorry about Weenie.

  8. I hope June 13 comes soon!

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