Tuiren Tuesday

 We thought it might be fun to find out more about my breed name.


This little dog has a distinct, resonant baying voice, which was how hunters were able to follow a pack of Beagles as they eagerly chased after prey. According to the Oxford English dictionary, the beagle word was first used in English writings in 1475. Where the word came from, however, is still a mystery. Beagle could have come from a French word “begueule” that means open throat, or a French, Old English or Celtic word “beag” which means little. Another possibility is a French word “beugler” which means to bellow, or a German word, “begele” which means to scold.
I hardly ever make any noise, so my breed name doesn't fit me at all.  Mommy says I am the Silent One.

~Sweet Annie Tuiren, reporting for Alasandra, The Cats & Dogs


  1. That's cool - you must be really the silent Beagle (maybe that's something like the 5th member of the Beatles, called the silent Beatle?). When I visit the Beagles in my neighborhood I can hear them a long time before we meet us. The leader of the pack is a girl named Siren - "no" idea why they gave her this name LOL.

  2. loved learning more about your breed! I have to tell you, I have NEVER known a Beagle who didn't bark!

  3. We bet your mommy is glad you're a silent one, too :)

  4. Very interesting little one
    Benny & Lily

  5. You keep getting better sweet one!!!! YES. It's about time to get good news!!!!

  6. Tuiren, the mom has always had a soft spot for beagles. But she's never had one because she's heard they can bark and bark. She would really like you!! :)


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