Fenris Friday

BOL, Mommy says this is my mug shot.  My routine has been shot to heck and I am most unhappy. I get stucks inside so Socks can play outside in MY YARD with MY MOMMY.. I do not thinks this is fair. Sometimes I get to go outside with Socks & Mommy, but not often. Daddy says I am a big lumbering galoot.

Tuiren usually stays outside in her mud hole, that annoys Socks because he wants to sit in the mud hole.

Socks glares at Tuiren: GET OUT OF MY MUD HOLE

Tuiren: I dug it I am staying, you can share.

So far he hasn't shared the mud hole with her but he has come close a few times.

We all love Socks so we are trying to make him happy and keep him healthy. It's not easy, he does not like being an inside cat, he doesn't like his y/d food. So we try to give him as much of the things he wants that he can have as we can. Including supervised time in the dog yard.

But MOMMY, I would really LOVE IT, if you made time to take me and Tuiren walking today.

~Fenris, reporting for ATCAD


  1. We know all of you are under a lot of duress right now and it looks like you're handling it well. Sending healing purrayers and comforting purrs to all of you.

    Pee Ess - Fenris, we should all be so lucky to have such a great mug shot! MOL! You are very handsome. xoxo

  2. Fenris you are such a good and patient doggy! You are NOT a "galoot!!"

  3. Aw, Fenris, we hope you get to go for a good, long walk today. It's tough for the humans to juggle everyone's needs, and Socks has to come first right now.

  4. Oh Fenris, we're sorry you gotta stay inside while Socks gets to play. We sure hope Socks feels better.

  5. MOL @ Galoot! Mom calls Raz a big galoot sometimes.

    The Florida Furkids

  6. I've heard this word in my crib too - let's find a big cave for all "galoots", Fenris :o)

  7. Hope you get a nice walk soon, but be patient with Mr Socks & your mommy!

  8. fenris...grate mugs shots !!!! N socks has owner ship over de yard furst coz itz like a law...look up cat roolz 56022-034Hswii947 sum time N ewe will see we iz tellin de trooth !!

    hope everee one haza grate week oh end, seer up sum flounder !~ ~~

  9. We are cracking up at your mug shot
    Benny & Lily

  10. Fenris we know you are being a good woofie to both your humans and your friend Socks! And we do completely understand the stress you are under. WE are saying lots of kitty purrayers for you and for Socks.


  11. "Lumbering Galoot"???????? That is really unkind, Fenris! I would offer to send a ticket to come here but you would be disappointed. My walks all week have consisted of #1 sitting in a chair in the garden and throwing the ball at me...


  12. Fenris, we know this is so hard on everyone. We hope a new routine can be worked out to make everyone happy :)

  13. So hard trying to accommodate everyone, isn't it? Maybe Mom can set up some Fenris time too. You are nice to want to help Socks. Please tell him to eat his food.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  14. Hang in there Fenris!! What's a galoot anyway??? mol

  15. Fenris, do we get to go on a date for Sarge's date night thingy?

  16. So now ahz do hope dat my brofurs unnderstan dat not nice ta call me a Galoot
    Buddy Buddy Tomcat


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