Thursday in The Garden

We forgot the name of this plant, but it has really enjoyed all the rain we have gotten.

This is Blue Daze, we are dazzled by it.

But this is our favorite plant this year. Apparently a nice bird dropped the seeds in our wildflower bed. It was a total surprise to us. It is either a sickle pod or rattle bush, we will know better after it goes to seed. We are kinda hoping it is a rattle bush.

You can't tell from the pictures but they are really tall. Taller then Mommy.

This is our Candlebush.

Our Ginger Lilies are blooming.

And with all the rain we have gotten the grass is lush and green.

For those of you who have asked Mommy's headaches are all gone. After Mommy got her new contacts they went away. Her distance vision had gotten better (so the old contact was over correcting) and her near vision has gotten worse ( eye strain) so the result were headaches for Mommy. Mommy wears mono vision contacts she has one eye for distance vision and one eye for close up. Her eyes are very happy now.

Socks seems to be doing OK, we will know more after his blood work Friday. It'll probably be Monday before we hears back as they send it off.

Now off we go to our Society of Feline Gardeners meeting.

Socks and Scylla reporting for Alasandra, The Cats and Dogs



  1. We especially like that small spiky flower in the first picture. Is there mebbe a plant label around it with the name?

  2. It's an Ixora, Mommy knew it had a weird name.

  3. The Leaves on that MYSTERY Plant look like the Leaves on our MIMOSA Tree. Do they fold up like the Mimosa does at night?

    PeeS... our mom just now took down our Hummingbird Feeders for the year... we are sending them your direction for the winter.

  4. We love your lush garden, ours is winding down, but still have a few blooms and lots of birds.

    Purrs, for Socks.

  5. We think you may have a rattle bush, too. However, your pawrents may want to move it if that's what it is. They get very tall!

    We're glad your mommy's headaches are gone :) The girl cats are sending purrs for Socks.

  6. Blue Daze is beautiful. We never saw that one before
    Benny & Lily

  7. Glad your mom is feeling better. Jan gets a lot of eye strain from the computer so she understands. If we need glasses, we just borrow hers. No wonder we can't see what we're typing.

    Hope socks is doing well.

  8. Sadly our grass is just brown and limp, I wish we had some rain. have a great thursday

  9. That is a beautiful garden update. Our garden is 2 flowerpots hanging outside. They look happy.

    Love and licks,

  10. another grate gardenz reee port guys...sockz...dood...ya noe ....Franks watchin out for N over ya buddy...N happee ta heer yur momz eyez iz doin aye oh kay bee for her tried ta feed everee one sum nastee burd ~


  11. We're so happy to hear that your Mommy's headaches are gone.

    We're still puring for Socks.

    The Florida Furkids

  12. We first thought of Mimosa's too when we saw your "mystery" plant. We are glad your Mommy is better and we are purring for Socks. Boo goes for her recheck on bloodwork tomorrow too. We won't know anything until Monday or Tuesday either. WE are hoping her calcium level has come down even more.

  13. We love the pictures of your beautiful garden, friends!

    Hooray for Mommy's headaches being gone. And of course, we are sending more purrs and prayers for Socks!

  14. What lovely specimens - especially the ginger lily

    Pet lovers please check out my homeless cat blog archives for some informative posts and stories about the cat abandoned/feral colony I manage.

    Debby in Arizona


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