Tuiren Tuesday

I have been a very bad doggie. I dug under the fence and went AWOL, Mommy was very annoyed with me. I don't understand it as soon as I tracked down the scent I was following I came right back so why am I a BAD DOG?

And Fenny is a traitor, I love my brother dearly but he ratted me out to Mom. He barked his SOMETHING WRONG MOM, I NEED YOUR INPUT,  bark and she looked up from her weeding and saw me on the wrong side of the fence. Then I didn't come when she called and that made me an even BADDER DOG.

And to top it off when I was following the scent I fell in the pond. I hate getting wet. See it looked like solid ground but it wasn't it was just lily pads on top of the pond growing real close together and er in I fell. Now I know why the Mom stopped chasing me, for a two legged critter she is kinda smart sometimes, at least about not falling into water by accident. Can you believe sometimes she gets in water on purpose.  Last week when we went walking on the beach her and Fenris ran through the sprinklers. BOL his hair frizzed up around his ears. Mommy caused him to have a bad hair day in public.

Mommy says I am in the dog house. I thought I was on the porch but Fen says that means I am in trouble and I better stay on the porch.

Tuiren, reporting for ATCAD


  1. Oh no Tuiren, you must NOT dig out of the fence. You could get lost and that would make us all very sad.

    The Florida Furkids

  2. You may be in the imaginary doghouse now, T., but wasn't it fun to be free for a while? I can't imagine because I am never off my leash. Mom wouldn't be able to chase after me, because she would drop dead of a heart attack if I got away. She almost had a heart attack just reading your post!! Sometimes she even puts my leash on in the house if I am naughty. Apparently, I don't know how to conduct myself. Meh.

    Love and licks,

  3. It is too cold to escape today, I am laying by Mommy on my doggie bed with my pink blanket covering me up. ~Tuiren

  4. Tui, you must refrain from following all those wonderful scents your nose could find yourself in the doghouse a lot otherwise :(

  5. Oh Tuiren I know those smells are sooo enticing but you mustn't do that! You could be hurt and your Mom would cry and cry (and so would we!!)
    I am glad you are home safe and sound but sorry you fell in the river.
    Thank goodness for Fenris!!! He is a gem! xoxoxo

  6. You shouldn't have done it:-(

    Kisses for that face!

    Ragdoll mommy~

  7. I guess your Mom must have been very worried, that is why she is a little mad at you, Tuiren :-/

  8. I know it's hard to resist all those smell in the airs, but honestly I'm glad Fenny barked "SOS" to your mom. Not all things on the other side of the fence are good,please be careful, Buddy.

  9. Oops! You best be keeping that Mama happy!

  10. Turiren... You got BUSTED... Well you do KNOW that you ARE supposed to stay IN your yard, don't you?

    You must be a REALLY FAST digger to have gotten out so Quickly... WE are kinda GREEN With JELLYness over THAT. BUTT not the getting in trouble pawt though.

  11. Glogirly turns on the water sprayer in the bathroom and stands under it EVERY day. Humans are nutty.
    ; ) Katie

    PS… thank you SO much for your well-wishes for Glogirly. She’s feeling better already and hopes that her new-monia, will be old-monia soon!

  12. Oh my word! You are in big trouble
    Benny & Lily

  13. oh no! thats not good at all!!!

    Stop on by for a visit

  14. tuiren...glad itz knot just uz see in things coz we thinked ya wuz on de porch two !!

  15. Oh no Turien you can't dig and go under the fence that is going to make your Mom really unhappy. We are glad you are safe back at home now.

  16. Oh dude, you gotta be careful!!!!

    Love, Scout


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