NaNoWriMo Contributed by Fenris & Tuiren

November is NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month and we (Fenris & Tuiren) are happy to be participating with a little help from our friend Rocco and some other doggy friends. It's a novel for dogs by doggies, we hopes you enjoy our contribution to the project.

Oh My

Critter Alley - Day 10
(brief pause between installments)
Bark and Lounge Day 12

Without further ado our chapter of the story:
Following Beast as fast as I can, I run and run and run, by the time I catch up with Beast I am out of breath, slow down Beast, I pant.  We run a bit slower to the house where Beast lives. A nice lady lives there too, she feeds Beast and makes sure he has a warm place to sleep. Beast barks very loudly to let her know he has brought company home, she comes out on the front porch and when she sees me she crouches down and calls "here doggie, here doggie". I debate about going to her, my experience with strangers so far has not been very reassuring, but  in a wordless canine communication Beast lets me know she is a good person, and that if anyone can help me find my Master she can.

Once I am on the porch under the light she sees I have a collar. "Let me see if you have any ID on your collar", she says. She sees the name Petey and my phone number embroidered on my collar and quickly calls the number on her cell phone. "Petey, we will have you reunited with your person in no time", she exclaims.  Suddenly out of nowhere we hear a LOUD ringing, that I recognize as my masters ring tone. I give a joyful woof. Together we search the surrounding woods to find where the ringing is coming from. Suddenly the woman trips and falls down a deep ravine. Carefully Beast and I follow, thankfully the woman is OK just a bit disheveled and bruised but at the bottom of the ravine we find my master unconscious, the woman reaches for her cell phone to call for help but it has been broken in the fall and the walls of the ravine are  much to steep for her to climb out. Desperately we search for my masters cell phone but just as we find it the battery dies.

"Beast and Petey, you will have to go for help",  she says. Quickly she pulls a pen and paper out of her coat pocket and scribbles, Hurt man in ravine need HELP right away, she folds the note carefully and places it in a plastic bag after emptying dog treats out of the bag. Frantically she looks around for something to attach it to a dog collar, she digs through her coat pockets, which seem to be very deep and carry a wide variety of things, but nothing to attach one plastic bag with note inside to a dog collar. "Beast listen up, you will have to carry the note in your mouth. Take it to Hissie's house", she commands. Beast quakes with fear. Why is Beast afraid? I am most perplexed and very worried, Hissie must be a HUGE MONSTER if Beast is afraid of it. The woman burst into laughter "You aren't afraid of a CAT are you Beast", she laughs. "Hurry up now before this poor man gets too cold. You can just bark really loud outside the house until Hissie's master comes to see what is wrong, but make sure he sees the note and follows you back here", she instructs.

Getting out of the ravine isn't as easy as getting into it was. Beast and I slip and slide, we dig in with our claws and climb with all our strength panting and desperate we finally reach the top. Beast sets off at a dead run and I desperately try to keep up. There is no time to waste all our canine senses tell us a storm is coming.................................

Visit Swami Zoe to find out what happens next.


  1. Mom is saving this post to her desktop till she has time to catch up. Perfect! Thanks.

    Love and licks,

  2. Super ~~ what a great talent you have, doggy/kitty friend!

    This ravine angle is very scary indeed!

    Sophie Doodle and Ron

  3. We are so anxious for Swami Zoe to continue the story. We hopes the poor master and lady don't freeze to death.

  4. Every time I think this story can't get any better it does! :D

  5. You all got together to write a novel... together?

    What a neat idea!


  6. we LOVES yur storee fenris & tuiren !!! we canna wait til swami zoe posts herz !!!! ~~~~~~~

  7. So intriguing! Can't wait to read the rest

  8. The plot thickens...

    Critter Alley

  9. obviously, I have been gone far too long...I must read with this is a very intriguing series...

  10. That's so cool, I wish I could read here for hours. very good chapter!!!

  11. I got a couple days behind on reading this story. One good thing is I don't have to be kept in suspense for a whole day before reading the next part.


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