Thursday in the Garden

 The Angel Trumpet has another bloom on it.

 We thinks the Candy Corn Cuphea, the Roses and the Ironweed look great together.

 This is another type of Cuphea.

 Wishbone plants.


 Our wildflower beds.

 The back side of the pond is looking really pretty.

 The Candlebush is looking great.

The Butterflyweed is really pretty. ~Socks & Scylla reporting to The Society of Feline Gardeners for ATCAD


  1. I, and mommy too, love your garden. She wishes she were there with her camera especially for the wildflowers. Sadly there were not as many in all of the places she went to this spring and summer, to take photos of.

  2. We love your garden! It's so pretty. MomKatt can't grow ANYTHING. MOL She says she has a black thumb!


  3. Wildflowers are easy you just don't mow the grass.

    Thanks for stopping by everyone.

  4. What a beautiful garden you have, dear pals! We especially love those wildflowers. :)

  5. What a lovely fall garden! Are the wildflower gardens good hunting areas for kitties?

  6. We love your garden. Our favorite thing is probably the Goldenrod!

    Ps: I love the background for the TLOA!

  7. all de plants bee rockin guys but that wish bone haz ta GO....ewe noe what it bee frum dont cha

    TURKEE BURD ~~~~~~

  8. WOW so much flowers you still have !
    Over here is all gone now and soon it will be winter :(

  9. Look at all that beauty in your garden.

  10. You have so MANY flowers bloomin wunnerfully right now! We secially liked the goldenrod cuz ours did not bloom very much or so brightly this year.


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