Ginger Jasper

Graphic by Zoolatry
A very special friend has gone to the Rainbow Bridge today. The world will be a much grayer place without Ginger Jasper. The cute freckles on his nose brought sunshine to our souls and smiles to our faces. His golden personality was even brighter then his lovely furs. He always had a kind word to meow and a comforting paw to provide.

Ginger Jasper was always eager to entertain and to help with fundraisers.

When Charybdis died he reached across the pond to provide us with comfort and love.

We are turning our blog ginger colored to honor Ginger Jasper. He will always live in our hearts and we will treasure his friendship forever. ~Hugs, Love and Comforting Purs, Alasandra, Socks, Scylla, Fenris & Tuiren


  1. WE just LOVED G.J. (Ginger Jasper) and we will miss him something terrible.

  2. Thank you so much for the beautiful tribute x

  3. That is a lovely tribute to Ginger Jasper. He will be sadly missed.

  4. That was so beautiful. Tis a sad, sad day and we will so miss that dear GJ.

  5. That's heart breaking!



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