Thursday in the Garden

The Devil's Trumpet still blooming up a storm, it also has a seed on it.

The roses looking beautiful.

And I am already for Thanksgiving.

What do you mean I don't belong on the table?????? I belongs where I wants.

Doesn't the Cape Honeysuckle look magnificent. We just love it. All the plants that need to be are now safely in the Greenhouse. Scylla and I watched Mommy cart them from the garage to the Greenhouse. Daddy put the Greenhouse back together for us although he reported that once Spring/Summer gets here the Greenhouse will need a major repair job. ~Socks, reporting for ATCAD

 PS: Our friend Annabelle who blogs at Purr Therapy is having an auction to help with her vet bills. You can visit the auction here. 

Feel free to use the graphic to publicize the auction for Annabelle.

Phinny needs a HOME for Christmas, read all about him at Savannah's Paw Tracks.


  1. What pretty flowers. And Socks, just make sure you're not the turkey on the table! :)

  2. I'm not allowed on the table either, though I suspect it might collapse if I sat on it BOL

  3. Those flowers are just lovely. You are so lucky to have them right now. Glad Julia is having an auction. I DID NOT tell her I wouldn't do an auction. I just couldn't do it at the moment she wanted. Then she did a not very nice post about how we run the auctions. But she is doing a great job of holding the auction. Take care.

  4. Awwwww you have the prettiest blooms lovely Socks!! And of course you totally rule! Yay! Take care

  5. You still have such lovely flowers! Ours are gone now, except for one very sorry looking fall crocus.


  6. The mom loves your roses!

    Make sure you get some of that turkey next week, ok?

  7. Of course you belong where you want! That's also what I try to teach my human but I think her case is desperate!
    Beautiful flowers!

  8. Humans like to TELL us what to do..... But we ALWAYS get our way!


  9. socks...dood...ewe due knot hafta mewve off de table; knot now, knot later, knot until EWE want...itza law...yur mom better reed up bout it

    :) !!!

  10. My mommy says I do not belong on the table either :( But I get up there anyway.

    Love, Scout

  11. Socks you're doing a fabulous job showing off your beautiful garden. All the leaves are falling off the trees here but we still have many flowers blooming too. Especially the roses.


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