Wildlife Wednesday

Mommy got a picture of the blue heron that visits our pond. This photograph didn't turn out very well so she played with it some.

I kinda like what she did with this one.

This is more subdued. The rest of the pictures she took turned out much better.

Isn't the heron purrty?

He flew right over the Hummingbird Cottage on his way to the pond. Wish Mom had been faster with the camera and gotten a picture.

This tree is very invasive. We calls it a popcorn tree, we thinks you can see why from this picture and the birds enjoy the "popcorn" we also likes the colorful leaves, but we hates the roots. We has several as they spread like wildfire. ~ATCAD

PS: Our friend Annabelle who blogs at Purr Therapy is having an auction to help with her vet bills. You can visit the auction here. 

Feel free to use the graphic to publicize the auction for Annabelle.


  1. The grass in the bottom of the first two pics, almost looks like fire - amazing!

  2. Very purrrrrty! Me-Ommmmmm

  3. Oh so beautiful, what a gorgeous place you live.

  4. I didn't even know that popcorn grows on trees! I love that stuff! Wait. What?

    Love and licks,

  5. oooo pretty. We have a heron that visits the creek behind our house too. It looks like your mommy and mine share a love of gardening and birds! I'll have to get some pictures together of our butterfly/hummingbird garden and stuff

    Popcorn trees? that can invasive all over my house. Oh wait, not "buttery butter" popcorn? nevermind


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