Tuiren Tuesday

 Fenris and I are hanging out in the backyard enjoying the sunshine and discussing life.

We are very sads, a doggie friend of ours Belle has heartworms. Her purrson is going to have her PTS instead of getting treatment for her. This is so heartbreaking to us. You can prevent your doggie from getting heartworms by giving it a HEARTWORM PREVENTIVE. On the advice of our veterinarian we use Sentinel but there are other Heartworm Preventives you can use. Giving your doggie a preventive every 30 days (once a month) can prevent heartworms. Cats need heartworm preventives too. Our cats use Revolution. Please have your purrson take you to the vet and have them ask the veterinarian  what is the right heartworm preventive for you to use and make sure your purrson gives it to you every 30 days.

This issue is very important to me as I am a Heartworm Survivor.  You can read about Socks and Scylla meowing about my first treatment here. Then you can read about Tuiren Day here (my second treatment) and my third treatment, even though the treatments were painful and being inactive was a drag,  I am just thankful they worked and I survived. I am very proud of my certificate.

~Tuiren reporting for ATCAD


  1. We're sad that your friend is going to go to the Bridge. We're very happy that you had your treatments and are okay!!

    The Florida Furkids

  2. Awwwww, we are so sorry about your furriend :( :(

    But we are happy that mew are ok :) :)

    Big HUGZ and PURRZ

    XOX Basil and the KC XOX

  3. That is so sad about your friend. I have flea and worm treatments regularly which cover me for all those horrible things

  4. I´m so sorry about your friend!


  5. We are sad to hear about your friend Belle. Sometimes heartworm infestation is so bad they don't think the animals can survive treatment. We're glad Tuiren did so well and is free of those nasty heartworms :)

  6. SO sorry about Belle.

    WE are like YOU... we take our heartworm pill EVERY month... In March we have to go and get our year's supply... 24 pills total. Better Safe than SORRY. RIGHT?

  7. How lucky you have all that sun!

    We are so sorry for your friend, that is very sad :-( Hugs to you.

  8. We are so sorry about your furiend :(

  9. So sorry about your furriend....that is so sad!
    I am glad u are a surviver though.

    **rest easy furriend**

    ((Husky hugz))

  10. tuiren...we bee veree sorree ta lurn bout belle.... God's speed to her cross RB


  11. So sad for Belle. You are lucky to be a survivor. That was not easy! I love taking my preventive pill each month. It's delicious!

    Love and licks to you and to Belle and her family.

  12. We think it is so sad that your friend is going to be PTS instead of treated. You were such a lucky girl, Tuiren!

    We also feel very lucky that there is no heartworm in the area where we live.


  13. We are so sad to hear about your friend. We get our preventative every month. How great that your vet gave you that special award. You are a true survivor Tui.

  14. Thanks for letting people know that they need to do preventative heartworm medicine. We did not know that Tuiren survived having heartworms. We are glad that Tuiren is OK. We are so sorry to hear that your friend went to the bridge. Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)


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