Wildlife Wednesday

The baby geese are all grown up, the family will probably be flying away soon. We feel privileged we were able to watch them grow up.

We realize from some of the comments that lots of you inside cats and doggies have no idea how ferocious geese can be. We assure you you would NOT chase them. More then likely they would chase you. Geese are very scary birds. So while we all enjoy watching them we all maintain a respectful distance from them. And if they happen to come near us we remain respectfully still and wouldn't think of raising a paw to them.  If they are acting hissy (yes geese hiss) we would run as fast as we possibly could, even Mommy would run from them.

In fact there are lots of birds that can hurt/kill cats and dogs owls, eagles, etc.

Even mockingbirds, woodpeckers and bluejays can inflect damage. We will tell you the story of Snowball the cat, Sir Lass the doggie and a bluejay.

Once upon a time a long time ago ............... Mommy had a solid white cat named Snowball when she was a little girl and a Border Collie named Sir Lass. This bad bluejay tormented Snowball horribly and pecked her behind the ear so much she had a bald spot. She spent most of her time hiding under the slide from the bluejay but one day when she was walking to Mommy the bad bluejay was dive bombing her and Sir Lass caught it and killed it (yes doggies can kill birds). He was very proud of himself for protecting Snowball and carried his prize around for days until Grandpa took it away from him.



  1. My human says she has always wanted to have a pair of geese as watchdogs! But even they could probably not stand up to the coyotes in our area.

  2. Geese are very protective of their young....and can get a little carried away in doing so! We have Canadian geese at the pond two houses over and they wander up here once in a while. They don't like ME coming out in MY yard!

    Hugs, Sammy

  3. We are lucky our geese are so nice to us. They are use to us so actually come near us and as long as we behave we are fine. Scylla and Charybdis did get chased as kittens when they tried to play with a gosling. But they learnt their lesson.

  4. We had some very nasty geese where I used to work. When they were nesting they would come down to the street and chase people who were walking around the block during their lunch hour!

  5. Socks I will be over to visit you!

  6. Those babies are as big as the parents now.

  7. So lucky to see these babies grow up. That bluejay got what was coming to him!


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