Family Friday

This is Grandpa's dog Mutt, he doesn't like Mommy at all.

He tells her to GO AWAY!

He gets mad cause Mommy doesn't listen to him.

He tries to tell the Goats to run away from Mommy.

They don't listen to him either.

The Goats like Mommy, they let her pet them and are happy to pose for pictures.

They mostly eat grass.

This Kid liked to be petted by Mommy.

While this one was more interested in the leaves on this branch.

But she was happy to pose for pictures.

Mutt was very displeased.

Do you see the Goat with the white middle, we thinks she looks kinda funny.

The baby goats sure have gotten a lot bigger since May.

Grandpa is using these slabs to keep his bank from eroding.

Mommy says one day Mutt is going to let her pet him. Somehow we thinks Mommy is wrong. He has let Youngest Boy Bean pet him though.



  1. Maybe it is a game for the doggy to bark at your momma? I hope they will be friends once and she can give him a big hug. Have a great independence day :o)

  2. Well, that wasn't very nice of Mutt, was it??

    Happy 4th of July to all of you.

  3. Mutt is just doing his job of protecting the goats. Those goats really are cute. What fun to have goats around. A very Happy Fourth to all of you.

  4. Dang, that woofie is sure loud! Happy Independence Day everyone!!!

  5. WHAT??? How could Mutt NOT love your mom?

    Happy Birthday AMERICA

  6. Mutt and the goats are super cute! I hope soon, Mutt warms up to your mom. Telling her off is rude.

    Love and licks,

  7. We're hoping Mutt will let your mom pet him.

  8. Oh dear Mutt!
    Happy Independence Day!
    Angels Abby♥Gracie

  9. Those kids are very cute!

    We're wondering what Mutt's objection to your Mom might be…


  10. I think Mutt deep down likes your Mommy and is just protecting his herd. He looks like a herding dog. So handsome! Love the goats and the one with the white in the middle looks like candy :) Great way to spend your 4th! Have a wonderful holiday!

  11. Aww he looks so nice too. I hope he lets your mum get closer soon.

  12. We kinda are with Mutt on this one!

    Happy Purrthday America!

    Now, time to hide from the fireworks...

  13. It looks like Mutt prefers some faces to others ! Happy 4th of July ! Purrs

  14. That's not very social of Mutt. The name made me smile because we had a wonderful dog named Muttley years ago and he wasn't always the friendliest dog either. I think he is just being a little protective of his family.
    Hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend :)

  15. Maybe Mutt is just protecting his flock of Goats. Those goats sure are cute.

  16. We can't believe Mutt won't let your Mommy pet him. Maybe it is because he smells like all of you? We like all your Grandpa's goats.
    Marty and Mom


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