Thursday in the Garden

The Angel Trumpet.

The Gardenia

And The Butterfly Weed. We have to put our paws together for Eldest Boy Bean who came helped cut grass since Mommy and Youngest Boy Bean are sick. It was really nice of him. He has his own house now, so it was really nice of him to come help us out. ~ATCAD


  1. We hope your Mommy and the youngest boy bean will soon be feeling better. We're glad you had help with cutting your grass.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Such pretty flowers. We purr that the boy bean feels better soon.

  3. Yeah, to oldest boy bean for cutting the grass. We hope your mommy and youngest boy bean are feeling better.

  4. hope de beanz get ta feelin better soon guys...happee week oh end N heerz ta bonito flakes, bass N bloo gill ♥

  5. We luvluvluv Angel Trumpet!! And the Butterfly Weed is so stunning. We don't have as much in the garden this year. The property owner's gardener is very incompetent and we were told she trusts him so keep out of it. Mom L would have the garden in ship shape in no time. So sorry to have been gone from your comments for so long. paw hugs, Savvy


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