Snuggle Sunday

I am snuggling with my Kitty friend Sky.

I had to knock the pillow out of the way first.

Sky has lots of gossip to tell me.

And the pillow is comfy.

When Mommy fixed the bed back I climbed on top of it for a nap.

Several of you have asked questions about MY puzzle feeder. I will try to answer them, as well as reply to a few comments. Sorry I was so tardy responding to you. 

MeezerMews&FrecklesWoofs Pipo might want to try my new cat food too. I am eating Hill's Science Diet Metabolic Diet food for cats.

We saw the ones for cats online Mrs Caren Gittleman, they even have some for sale at PetSmart online. But Mommy was anxious to get one that day and didn't want to wait for it to come in the mail. And while this is plastic we aren't concerned about me getting feline acne, Socks is another matter. He does have feline acne and he has stainless steel bowls to eat out of.

The Swiss Cats Mommy thinks it might be hard to clean if you put wet food in it. It also might be hard for your kitty to get the wet food out, I use my paws to scoop up the dry food sometimes because it gets in corners where I can't get to it with my mouth.
Scylla, reporting for ATCAD


  1. Thank you very much for answering ! Enjoy your nap (and the gossips !) ! Purrs

  2. After the bed is fixed is the best time to hop on. I'm not allowed, but if Mom forgets to put up the gate or shut the door, I usually give it a shot. Then she calls me the word Naughty.

    Love and licks,

  3. Cupcake,
    Naughty is the best word to be Cupcake, but you are so sweet I doubt you are really naughty.

    Thanks for visiting Swiss Cats. ~Scylla

  4. Pipo says maybe we should check it out. Thank Mew!

    You sure look comfy all snuggled uo there!

  5. My diet catfood is actually very tasty, I just wish I was allowed to eat more of it. ~Scylla

  6. You sure look comfy but our mom says you should be careful on that beautiful crochet pillow.

  7. You are such a beautiful snuggle kitty sweet Scylla! Got room for me?

  8. We think you have found the best place in the house to nap. Enjoy! XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  9. thanks so much for answering my question! Glad I am not the only one who breaks out from plastic. LOVE your photos! Love, Cody

  10. Nothing beats a Sunday nap like snuggling with a fun pal and a comfy pillow:)

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  11. That pillow really does look comfy. And Sky looks like a super good snuggler.

    Nissy #Niss4Senate

  12. Looks like the purrfect napping place! Enjoy your puzzles.

  13. That will show your Mom to presume to put the pillow back, MOL!

  14. What a great snuggle you have going on there, Scylla. :)

  15. Oh Scylla you look snug as a bug in a rug there :) and what a good girl for answering everypeeps questions ;0 now back to your snooze hugs and loves Fozziemum xx

  16. You look so adorable perched up on your pillow throne! Wonderful pictures of you my dear!


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