Mancat Monday

Scylla, Do you see the dogs?

Nope, no dogs on my side of the table. Scylla are you sure you don't see any dogs on your side of the table?

They seem to be missing!!!!!!!

OK, I am just going to mosey over here and drink out of the doggies water bowl.  Mommy is bummed that she couldn't find what she wanted at a price she could afford. $200 for a water bowl is ridiculous. So the doggies are getting a new water bowl Tuesday if the tracking info is correct. She choose to go with one of the low end models, so if what she would like to get for them considering Daddy says we can't hook anything up to the faucet and we can't put a water bowl by the electric outlets goes on sale or Daddy fixes the faucet or puts more electric outlets outside she can get it. There were THREE water bowls Mommy liked One hooked up to the faucet, so Daddy said NO, because our faucet leaks. One was a Drinkwell Outdoor and needed to be by the electric outlets, Daddy said NO, because it would be in the way (the electric outlets are by the gate) and Mommy thought the third one cost too much and didn't even consult Daddy about it. 

In the meantime the doggies are having to make do with their broken water bowl. It works OK to me, the water taste just fine. And they mainly drink out of our ceramic fountain inside.

Now I am going to enjoy some porch time with no doggies and no Scylla. Thanks for scaring Scylla off Fenny, before dashing inside. ~Socks, reporting for ATCAD


  1. I'm sure you kitties will get some use out of whatever water bowl your human bought too!

  2. We just drink out of what ever bowls Mum has put down for us - water is just water whatever you put it in.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Ah, yes...a good drink and the patio table all to oneself! Doesn't get much better than that :-)

  4. Hooray fur the dogless least fur the timebeing!

    Hope your Mo finds the *right* water bowl. We had to put our fountain away cause Pipo ...well, he tried to swim in it, MOL!

  5. We are glad you were able to enjoy dog free water!

  6. I'm sure whatever you get it will be great!

  7. Mom is good to try to find something that works for the dogs. We don't have water outside because it is too hot for us to stay out long enough to worry about it. And if we did, Lightning just knocks it over anyway:)

    Mom loves your patio table set - very pretty.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  8. We bet the dogs are inside where the AC is on and are drinking out of your bowl. BOL!

  9. Socks, how come the woofies don't drink from the pond? We'd want to!

  10. Wow, we had no idea doggie bowls are so 'spensive!

  11. Socks, it's lovely to see you out and about with Scylla, I hope you are still doing ok, you look like you are fella

    Crikey! Water bowls cost THAT much? Are they made of gold?

    Could buy an awful lot of fresh salmon and roast chickens with that much money...

    ....just sayin'


  12. Looks like you got the prime relaxing spot Socks! It is frustrating how expensive the nice continuous flow water bowls are. Mom hasn't replaced ours since the motor burned out on the second one. We just get our bowl refilled three times a day.


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