Tuiren Tuesday

The silly kitties never saw ME!!!!!! Fenris did go inside he loves the AC, me I enjoy being outside, especially when Mommy is here too.

I am very good and leave the cats alone when they visit my yard.

Mommy says I am mostly a good doggie, if only I would stop digging holes.

So I got Fenris to dig the holes for me. He dug this one nice and deep.

I really wish Mommy understood how comfy our holes are.

Youngest boy bean cut the grass for us.

After he got through he came to play with us. He always smells so good, especially when he gets off work. He works at a Pizza place. I will miss him when he goes back to University.

Tuiren, reporting for ATCAD


  1. It's very kind of Fenris to dig a hole for you ! Your hole look comfy indeed, and we bet it's a cool place to be when the weather is too hot ! Purrs

  2. holes are great and you are a lucky girl to have one what's like a comfy doggy-bed :o)

  3. You are a good doggie. M has a weakness for Beagle doggies. Your eyes are always so expressive and sometimes make a human's heart melt. he he - I bet your human knows what M means when she says that.

  4. Hey Tui we have leaned that Peeps don't appreciate the VIRTUES of a well dug hole. HOWEVER if they DID then THEY were be in there and YOU would be laying on some LUMPY BUMPY Cushion.

  5. Ohhhh a bean that smells like pizza!! To me that is better than any hole! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  6. Wow--you got Fenris to dig a big hole for you! You are a smart dog, Tui :)

    So does the pizza bean bring home any of his work?

  7. Love your 'hole'...a nice comfy earth bed!

    Our unfurs did that too...going back and forth to & from school. Now Unfur the elder has a job and his own den, and unfur the younger is still at school, but its the grad-school kind of thing.
    We wish they would smell like pizza! Wow-wee!
    WBS & MJF

  8. Why don't the humans understand that digging is just part of being a dog!!! Lightning still likes to dig. With you being a beagle, Tuiren, not much hope of you giving it up anytime soon.

    Do you ever find pizza bones in Boy Bean's pockets?

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  9. Tui you look so happy sleeping in your hole.

  10. T., that hole sure does look comfy. I have never dug a hole, but I kind of want to, now.

    Love and licks,

  11. Uh Oh, that hole digging habit is going to get you in trouble. We've had some diggers in the past but I'm happy to say, the two I have now are not. They just have other bad habits ;)

  12. Wow, your boy bean smells like pizza? Awesome! :)

  13. Tuiren Mommie should understand that deep holes are nice and cool. So glad your youngest human bean has been home with you for the summer.


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