Thursday in the Garden

The Devil's Trumpet is fixing to bloom. AKA Datura stramonium Mommy has it in a pot with some Angel Trumpets, aka Brugmansia arborea so it confused some people last time we posted about it.

The Butterflyweed is doing nicely.

The Whirling Butterflies look pretty.

The Candle Bush is blooming.

Even  he Wisteria wanted to get in on the act. It is the wrong time of the year for it to bloom, it is just suppose to bloom in the SPRING.

The Ginger Lilies look magnificent. ~Scylla & Socks reporting for ATCAD


  1. Wow those awe sum bootyful flowers. Our wisteria has never bloomed.

    Luv ya'


  2. What a great yard tour:D We saw a magnolia in bloom this week. I think September is a little late for them (?)

  3. Aha! So it *is* a Datura!

    Your garden and its blooms are so pretty!

  4. guys....stuffz that wuz knot eated by de nayborhood rabbit iz startin ta bloom heer in TT two....N caturday itz spozed ta be like 40....

    itz called a mother nature DUH moe mint we think....♥

  5. All yer flowers look so nice. We have some Butterfly Weed, but they got planted real late an havent bloomed yet. We had 2nd blooms from our hostas. TBT says its probly cuz we had a relatively cool wet Summer.


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