Where Mommy was @

Mommy was at Clarkco State Park. She gives them a F- because they were NOT dog friendly and they really didn't have anything to do there. The swimming area was very very small. She was at a Family Reunion so she mostly sat around talking to people, but she definitely wouldn't want to vacation there. There was a hiking trail that Mommy wanted to walk, but she couldn't get anyone to go with her.  She would have probably enjoyed it more if she had, had a chance to go hiking. The place they had the Reunion last year, when Mommy didn't go sounded lots more fun.


  1. We're sorry Mommy didn't have so much fun at Clarkco State Park. It does look pretty, but BOO that it was not dog friendly.

  2. Aww, sorry you didn't have furry much fun!

  3. We're sorry your mom didn't have fun ! Purrs


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