Scylla Sunday

I am coming!!!!!! Mommy gives me my two measly treats down at the Hummingbird Cottage.

We have been having cooler than normal temperatures for November, it's getting down to 32 at night, but so far no frost so the plants are doing OK.

Me and Mommy not so much we are freezing.

Thank CAT for electric blankets.

Like everyone else I had a modeling session. We thinks I did a good job modeling.

And unlike the rest of the family I didn't complain about it.

Purple is my favorite color so I was happy the Ironweed got included in my portrait.

And me and Mommy thinks I have lost some more weight.

I'll have to go back to the vet soon and get weighed to find out for sure, but we thinks my face looks thinner.

~Scylla, happily modeling for ATCAD

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  1. Brrr! It is only getting into the mid-low 50s here at night and my human is already complaining!

  2. You look splendid in those flowers, Scylla!

    32F is pretty darned cold for your area. We hope you get lots of time on the electric blanket!

  3. Losing weight is tough. It looks like you're on your way - with some exercise and only 2 measly treats.... Good luck on the scale. I have had my days of treat restriction, too....

    Love and licks,

  4. Pipo needs to learn how you got off the poundage...Minko needs to add a lot, MOL!

    You garden is still so lovely!
    We area t 48F, a far cry from the 18F we had here a few days ago...yo-yo weather!

  5. You look beautiful, beautiful, beautiful sweet Scylla!

  6. Nice shot of you running to your mom ! You look beautiful Scylla ! Purrs

  7. Scylla, you look stunning near the ironweed and in all your photos. I am sure you are thin enough- the camera adds pounds.

  8. We think you look gorgeous with the purple flowers, too!

    We've already had some snow here. We agree with Fuzzy Tales--that's cold for your area. Keep snug with that electric blanket :)

  9. Scylla you sure do look lovely I your portrait!

  10. No frost yet? Lucky. We've had frost and even a little snow but, we've also had rain so the snow is gone for now. Ol' Peepers here is already orderin' seeds and whatnot for next year so soon stuff will be happenin' in the sunroom. There go my sunpuddles again. *sighs*


  11. It seems like everyone is getting cooler temps lately. We think you look gorgeous!

    The Florida Furkids

  12. Scylla, you look lovely laying in the flowers. :)

  13. Scylla we think you look wonderful! Your modeling session went wonderful sweetie :) Now don't forget, you are a lot more active and muscle is heavier than fat so with all that zooming to get those treats you are building some good muscle. Can't wait to hear what the vet says!
    Marty and Mom

  14. 2 treats? Somethings wrong there. We get more than that just fed coming in when called...

  15. Beautiful modeling photos of you Scylla, gorgeous!


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