Meowy Monday with Scylla

We don't have Fall Foliage like our friends in the Northeast do but our Popcorn Tree is pretty colorful.
Besides having pretty flowers the Candy Corn Cuphea has interesting leaves, unfortunately we had a heavy frost that killed it all. It usually blooms until Christmas.

These Mums are really pretty, but the frost got them too.

Roses are always nice, and they survived the frost.

This is a really weird looking bug on the Goldenrod, and I am happy to say the Goldenrod survived the frost too.

Does anyone know what it is?

The Cape Honeysuckle was blooming really purrty, don't worry Mommy put it in the Garage until the Greenhouse is finished.

I got plumb tuckered out watching her carry all the plants to the Garage.

I tried to tell her some of them were too heavy to pick up but she didn't listen to me.

Then I had to listen to her bitch moan and groan about her backache.

Honestly do you ever hear cats complaining about backaches. Nope, cause we have the good sense to have our humans cart the heavy stuff around. Maybe I should get Mommy a human to cart stuff around for her, then she could just worry about carrying ME and my stuffs around.

And Mommy finished another book. I enjoys when she reads cause I can sit in her lap. Most of the time the books are totally uninteresting no cats or dogs in them and I don't meow about them, but the latest F-word (Mommy said I couldn't say the word on our bloggie) Flowers book Deadline, was about a dognapping ring, so I thought it was pretty interesting. The mutts were going to be sold to bunchers who would sell them to medical research labs (HISS), but luckily Virgil Flowers with some help rescued them all and wound up with a dog of his own. We has our paws crossed that from now on F-word Fido will ride along on Virgil's cases. After all he takes his boat to work with him, so why not his dog too.  You can read Mommy's review at her blog Alasandra's Place. ~Scylla, musing for ATCAD


  1. I don't know what kind of bug that is, but I wonder if it is edible! My human says that we don't get frosts here very often, maybe once or twice a winter, and sometimes not at all.

  2. Thank you for the garden tour.Do you have a naughty story you can share for a chance to win catnip coal- if you do, please visit us.

  3. Hello pretty Scylla! You sure look wonderful!

  4. You obviously have micro climates in your yard for a rose to survive a heavy frost!

    The human thinks your bug is some type of parasitic wasp. She'd need a closeup to tell, though.

  5. everything looks lovely as always!

  6. That looks like some kind of wasp??


    Lovely to see a garden still green!
    Our snow is gone, but the yard is a soggy muddy mess...

  7. I think our humans get backaches because unlike us kitties and doggies, they don't stretch enough. They just get up and start doing things. I can't remember the last time I got up without a nice, long, thorough, leisurely streeeeetch.

    Love and licks,

  8. scylla...a popcorn tree !!! now if ewe could get a ham samich shrub anda pizza pie plant... ewe wood bee all set !! ♥

  9. Humans don't understand the art of delegating!! You have a very posh looking garden!! You should charge entrance and serve coffee :)

  10. We enjoyed seeing all the flowers and plants, Scylla.

  11. Looking good, Scylla! And we love all the colors in your garden. :)

  12. You have more color now than we sometimes do all year!

  13. Wonderful wander in your garden Scylla. Your Mom needs to take it easy! Scary bug! You are looking lovey :)


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