Tuiren Tuesday

The Greenhouse still isn't fixed, as soon as it is Mommy will have to move the plants out of the garage into the greenhouse.

We lost several of our plants because of the unseasonably cold weather we have been having. The Confederate Rose is pretty much finished for the year, which is a shame. It had tons of buds on it that never got the chance to flower, the hydrangeas are finished too.

I am rather sads about this.

On the plus side I have lots of leaves to play with.

On the minus side our green grass is going away.

I really wish we had, had a nice FALL, the weather was very naughty to skip Fall and go directly to WINTER.

A nice roll should cheer me up.

And I'll be even happier when Daddy gets the Greenhouse put back together.

He made a mess in our yard.

OK, I has shopping to do @ Wildcat Woods Vintage Treasures Auction for Georgie, so it's time for me to go. The auction ends December 7th. I did let Mommy take lots of pictures, before I left for my shopping spree,  so I hopes everyone is happy with me. ~Tuiren, reporting for ATCAD


  1. Tuiren, take good care of that greenhouse. Those things can be espensive...

  2. You're looking good, Tuiren! That's sad that your outside flowers are gone now. Happy shopping!

  3. I would like the Fall to stick around a while before Winter arrives too.

  4. WE agree with you Tui... this is the year that Fall Forgot to come fur us.

  5. That was a really good roll, BOL!
    Hope the greenhouse gets finished really soon.

  6. Dang, you've got all kind of places to roll now!

  7. We like how you see some good along with the bad, being able to play with all those leaves.

  8. Hope your Daddy gets the greenhouse done soon too for your Momma's plants! You sure are looking pretty Tuiren :)

  9. Hi Tui! Sorry I'm late in commenting. You look great in all those pictures.



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