Mutt & His Goats

 Mommy ran off and left us Thanksgiving, she went to see some GOATS  Grandma & Grandpa. While she was there she took pictures of the goats for Grandpa.

 Mutt lives with the Goats and guards them from DANGER.

 Mutt considers Mommy DANGEROUS, he is trying to convince the goats to RUN.

 Unfortunately for Mutt the Goats consider Mommy to be a nice lady that feeds them sometimes so they come to her.

 She even got to pet one, but they were more interested in eating than spending time with Mommy.

 Grandpa loves his Boer Goats.

 Mutt doesn't like Mommy at all, but he does pose nicely for pictures.

We hopes you enjoyed the Goats. ~ATCAD


  1. We love goats and all of these pictures are wonderful. Thank you for sharing Mutt and his goats. We are glad the goats liked your mom but sorry Mutt didn't. It was really nice of him to pose for the pictures though. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. LOVE the goats! I think Mutt really likes your Mommy, he just takes his job duties quite seriously

  3. We DID like them a LOT... and we think MUTT is very GOOD at keeping them safe.

  4. We love goats ! Mutt does a great job ! Purrs

  5. Awww, goats! That is one serious pup taking his job... um...very seriously! Purrs...

  6. Your grandpas goats are cute. Mutt is just doing his job and he does it well.

  7. Mom thinks Mutt is so handsome, but he is so silly not to love your mom. Beautiful goats there too.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  8. Those goats look like...well, goats! MOL! BOL!
    Our neighbors used to have some goats too, but they did not look as nice as these ones. And they were always trying to come into our yard...Dog-guy liked their gumdrops, though...

    Sorry that Mutt didn't care fur your Mommy too much.


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