Thursday in the Garden

One of the seed pods on the Devil's Trumpet finally burst open so we could gather the seeds, there are still 4 that we are waiting on. they are an attractive purple color.

We had a heavy frost that killed most of our flowers, this makes us very sad as usually we do not have a heavy frost until after Christmas.

The Confederate Rose had a lot of buds on it that never had a chance to bloom.

The frost also got the Diamond Frost. Iffn you wants to see what the container looked like in April when we first put it together click here.

Same thing for this one that Diamond Frost got frosted.

So Mommy cut out all  the dead Diamond Frost. The Rosemary (and this is the container that had the old rosemary in it, so it is very large), Diascia and Asian Jasmine are all still doing well. The Diascia looked dreadful in the summer but we trimmed it up and it came back nicely for the fall so we will probably get some more. The Diamond Frost was outstanding in the summer when everything else was kinda blah. The Rosemary and Asian Jasmine are our winter plants, Mommy tried to design this to be a year around planter. Since we has to replace the two annuals we may choose something other than the Diamond Frost and Diascia, but we are pretty happy with it so we may do them again.

This is the planter that had the Superbells Blue (Calibrachoa hybrid) in it. To tell the truth we are kinda disappointed in the Superbells they didn't do well in our heat at all and pretty much died this summer. We will probably choose something else to replace them.

WE kinda thinks the blueberries looks pretty their leaves are all RED, but we are bummed about the early frost. ~ATCAD


  1. How sad that your flowers all got killed so early. :-(

  2. That garden is a little like me. I don't do well in frost either! Those plants might need winter coats.

    Love and licks,

  3. I though mine were all dead, but lo and behold, they all cam back to life on spring! There is still hope! Xo

  4. at least you have things that are in bloom! :)

  5. You do still have lots of green there...our yard is a study in various brown tints...
    What kind of plant has those big seed pods?? (the 1st picture)

  6. Sorry you lost your flowers so early this year!

  7. Over here are all flowers long gone !
    No snow yet , but I hope it will come for CATmas :)


  8. Sorry to hear your frost damaged so many flowers. We have blueberries too and love their fall color.

  9. We hope things come back even prettier in the spring!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  10. Yer red blueberry looks a lot like our burning bush. We wonder if they are related...


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