Scylla Sunday - Nipped Out

 We won the Catnip Confections Candy Collection from Stunning CK's Gotcha Day Giveaway!!!! Mommy underestimated how strong the nip smelled.  I could smell it from the back when she opened the box and I insisted on getting to it IMMEDIATELY.

 So she wound up putting it on the floor. The box it came it smelt very nippy so at first it got my undivided attention. I LOVE BOXES.

 We will have to apologize for the poor quality of the pictures. I was moving pretty fast and my tail was constantly whipping around, it was a wild thing let me tell you.

 Apparently my tail gets even more excited about nip than I do.

 I tried my best to get my entire body in the box.

 I just couldn't manage to fit.

The clever people made a card I could read. The front has writing for the people to read and the back has a nip message for CATS. Oh and they had pretty hearts in the box. Mommy liked those.

 Giving the card my full attention, this message is very important.

 I turned the card over so Mommy could read it.

 Then I decided I should check these confections out.

 OK, most of you don't know this but Socks usually doesn't hang out with me, especially when I am acting like a wild thing. I accidentally hurt him once and he kinda avoids me unless I am being really still. We still sleep together sometimes, but mostly he stays with the doggies. But the smell of the nip had the old man acting like a kitten.

 We actually played together for a little while. That was so much fun.

 Then our attention turned to the confections.

 Actually we kinda divided them for awhile, I got the box and the wrapping paper.

 That was fun to play with and it smelt like nip too.

 And Socks got the confections, but once he got nipped out, it was my turn to check them out.

 We have no clue which one we likes best, we loved them all.  The green one is the Catnip Valerian Cordial it has Catnip Leaves and Flowers, plus Valerian Root, the brown one is Silvervine Truffle it has Whole Silvervine Leaves and the white one is Honeysuckle Cream filled with Freshly Shaved Honeysuckle Wood. No wonder we likes the Hummingbird Cottage so much Mommy has several honeysuckle vines planted there.

 Socks took off with the the Catnip Caramel it has Whole Catnip Leaves and Flowers, it is a brown square with a white kitty on top. I think it must be his favorite because he picked it up and carried it off.
 I had to love on this box some too.

 Mommy liked the fact that it identified the candies just like the human candy boxes do.

 No wonder Mommy likes candy so much.

 I loved my candy so much I did a break dance.

 The paper tells the humans why we likes the candies so much and about all the ingredients. Mommy liked that a lot.

 I forgot I wasn't skinny enough to get through here. When I was a kitten me and Charybdis could run under the table whenever we wanted.

 The cards with catnip leaves on the back. I just loves them.

Stupid Mommy got the idea to take a video after making a zillion pictures. The battery died right after she switched to video, so really there isn't anything to see . ~Scylla


  1. WOW! That tail was REALLY whipping around! Where can I get some Dognip candies???

    Love and licks,

    1. Cupcake, our doggies don't seem to feel the same way about catnip as we cats do, and alas I have never heard of dognip. It seems such a shame that Dogs don't enjoy catnip as much as cats do.

  2. Wow, what a great prize to win and Scylla, you sure had a great time. We love that nip stuff too. You all have tons of fun with that great package of goodies.

  3. Wow Scylla you had the moves alright hahaha that was a awesoem prize from CK..and i bet you slept like a dream after all that :) loves Fozziemum xx

  4. What a great prize you guys won, Scylla. That box looks like fun too!

  5. That's a super giveaway box and it looked like you really loved it!!

    The Florida Furkids

  6. Goodness me! I think you did a good job on that Scylla!!

  7. That looks like it is some awesome nip!

  8. My goodness--I'm sure you needed a long nap after all of that! What a pawsome prize that was :)

  9. Oh my goodness, such a fun time! It's so much fun to see my beautiful ladycat having all that fun!!!

  10. you are sooo lucky to have won that pawesome give-away!!!!!! That prize rocked!

  11. That is a great prize. They are so creative to label the box like real chocolates. I bet that silvervine leaves one is extra good.

  12. Whoa - that was one very potent package!!! Enjoy, Scylla, and how nice that Socks got in on the action too:)

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  13. Nipped out, huh? Can't think of a better way to be.


  14. OMC!! You sure got a nip fix!
    Congrats on your nippy win!

    Love the story as told by all the pictures!

  15. You two kitties were flying high with that stuff. Our mom likes the cute little crochet that the candies are.

  16. I love that you had such a great time. You should post your reviews on her Etsy site if you haven’t already.


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