Mancat Monday - Did someone say Nip?

 I was having a lovely dream when I smelt NIP, I had to come check it out right away.

 Scylla had already gotten in to it.

 But not being as discerning as me she was playing with the boxes. I went straight to the source the candy.

 Lovely crocheted candies packed in a box, simply delightful.

 To Mommy's amazement I picked them up and put them out of the box.

 I carefully examined each one, Scylla's antics did not distract me.

 They were all simply amazing.

 Eventually Scylla realized the candies were the real prize and came to examine them herself.

 She very rudely took the box away from me.

 What a pig she is, she just dove right in. No savoring the aromas, no finesse, just brute force that is our Scylla.

 I managed to hide one of the candies from her.

 She eventually calmed down.

 But then she realized I had a piece of candy she hadn't seen yet. She had to examine it.

 It drove her crazy too.

 By this time I was rather nipped out.

 But I still had a candy.

 I snuck it out when Scylla wasn't looking.

 I still has some moves.

 Not bad bunny kicking for an old guy.

 I am so embarrassed Mommy has been taking pictures the entire time. I do not like my picture taken when I am playing.
 I can't believe I didn't notice her, but the nip, I must play with the nip.

 I guess I will just pretend she isn't here. After all she is taking pictures of Scylla too.

 (Scylla: I don't mind if Mommy takes my picture)

 I wonder if Scylla realizes that Mommy will post them for all our friends to see.

 Do I care?


 Well maybe a little bit.

 But this is some prime stuff.

 I loves them all.

 Faster than...............

Mommy with a camera. She missed a pawesome shot because I was to fast for her. ~Socks, reporting for ATCAD


  1. what a nip-pawty....I had no clue what kitties do for nip lol

  2. Those nip toys sure look like fun!

  3. We believe you have a more refined appreciation of the finer things in a cat's life. On the other hand, who cares when it's nip?

  4. We love nip toys around here too! Man, you've got us jonesing for some nip now!!

  5. wow you guys are STILL having fun with all of those goodies!

  6. Just love the pictures!!

    I need nip ........ NOW!!!

  7. fotoz be grate N sew iz yur nip candee toyz !! awesum ♥♥♥ ENJOY !!

  8. We are so happy you enjoyed those nip candies, Socks. Even an older gent can have his fun:)

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  9. Wow! You two really were flying high with those nip treats. Looks like you both had a great time.

  10. That nip candy is amazing!! I’m glad you won and you’re enjoying them. TW feels so guilty when I win something and then won’t play with it.

  11. Oh Socks, you are not such an old guy buddy. You are looking mighty feisty there! I so wanted to win those bon bon nip candies, but seeing you enjoying them so much was better than having them myself....purrs, Savvy

  12. Nip-nip-nip[!! Gotta get the nip!! MOL! What a pawsome set of pictures, all action!


    Now we need to get meowmy to open up our stash of yummy nip...

  13. Oh Cocks I will be right over!! I love nip, too!

  14. PS: I can't spell! Hehehehehehe! Your Mom does great pictures pf you and Scylla!


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