Tuiren Tuesday

 We took these pictures February 8th. Hard to believe it was nice and warm then. Why some days it was in the 70s.

 Mommy's Forsythia thought it was Spring and started blooming.

 Me and Fenris had a ball running around supervising Mommy and Daddy.

 Mommy was checking out the stuffs in the front yard, we told her to come check out the back.

 Daddy got rid of the dead wildflowers, we will have more coming up soon.

 Mommy's Irish Snowbells are already blooming.

 Daddy had to get in the pond and put the thing back on, so all the water wouldn't drain out.

And Mommy noticed the Quince was blooming. Then it went and turned freezing cold, we do not think this was fair at all. We are back huddled under our blankets trying to stay warm. ~Tuiren, reporting for ATCAD

We wants to wish Eldest Boy


Happy Birthday


Mom, Socks, Scylla, Fenris & Tuiren 


  1. ♫ HAPPY BIRFDAY TO ELDEST BOY ♫ Hope he has a wonderful celebration fur his special day..

    NOTHING Blooming HERE yet... We hear that YOU are now in the Deep Freeze also... Poor plants... they will FREEZE.

  2. Happy Birthday to the eldest boy bean!

    We have nothing blooming here between drought and cold :-(

  3. Happy Birthday to your eldest boy!

  4. What a rude weather we are having, and topsy turvey fur your beautifur garden:((

    We just stay cold, cold, cold...sigh...

    Happy Birthday to the Elder Boy!!

    We love those snow drops, they're in abundance on one of our back roads here, too...but not anytime soon, LOL!

  5. That was mean of the weather to trick your plants! We're so tired of the cold too, we want spring!

    Happy birthday to Eldest Boy!

  6. Happy Happy Birthday to your eldest!

  7. Hard to envision flowers here yet with all the cold. MOm is thinking about adding some forsythia to our yard near where Lightning races along the fence - something about trying to break up the path:) Mom planted our devil trumpet seeds about two weeks ago, nothing happening yet, but we told her to be patient:)

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  8. Happy Birthday to your Eldest boy! Sorry we are late. It seems the secretary took the day off yesterday. We can only hope that our shrubs and bulbs bloom this year with our awful cold winter.


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