I am Watching Lucky CATastrophe, are You?

CATastrophes is one of our favorite shows, we eagerly await a new episode.

Now you may think Socks is the only one around here interested in watching CATastrophes, but we all love it. If you don't already you should subscribe here.

Lucky CATastrophe comes out today and it is hilariously funny. I haven't BOL so much since Sunday when we watched Battle Creek.  Magic Kevin (played by Hemingway) is dashing and debonair and the supporting cast rock, there are high speed chases, and magics, what more could you ask for from a plot.

The kitty who plays Magic Kevin in the film is named Hemingway and he's available for adoption from Chicago Cat Rescue.  I sure hope some fan will give Hemingway a home soon. 

Thanks for joining me on Fenris Friday. I hopes you enjoyed my review of CATastrophes, and I hopes you will watch it for yourselves and share it with your friends. ~Fenris, reporting for ATCAD

PeeS: Scylla is most annoyed that the Mom forgot her and Angel Charybdis' birthday. Mom promised we would have a party tomorrow to celebrate. 



  1. We hope you have a great weekend Fenris and thanks for telling us about CATastrophes we went over and watched it and enjoyed every minutes.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. We love this video. We hope it helps get more black cats adopted.

  3. Oh, we saw that video on Summer's page this morning. It was too funny.

  4. Thanks for the review- we could all use some more funny!
    Happy Birthday, Scylla and Angel Charybdis.

  5. This sounds like a really cool episode! I love Catastophes too. :) I will head over and check it out.

  6. Well, I wasn't watching lucky CATastrophee yet, but I sure am now! Just got done watching the Magic Kevin episode ;-)) Hope the little guy will get adopted real soon.

  7. This is such a clever idea. Thanks for sharing! ☺

  8. So today is Scylla's birthday. She is listed on the CB as being on the Daily Dose blog.

    Happy birthday, Scylla.

  9. Ha-ha! We are from Battle Creek...the real one...and um...well growlmy/meowmy just thinks its kind of lame, BOL/MOL!

    CATastrophee sounds better by far!

    Happy belated birthday to Scylla and Angel Charybdis!

  10. Fenris you watch those kitty videos? We had our mom take a look and she thought they were cute but we are not sure we could actually watch them.


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