Thursday in the Garden (Flashback 2014)

This is our Rooster Violet, it likes cold weather and is still doing well.


Red Buckeye, Mommy still hasn't gotten it planted. We hopes it survives long enough for Mommy to get Daddy to plant it for us.

Our Roses, this is the rosebush that Silly Scylla thought she could jump over.


The Skyflower, believe it our not we have already seen some butterflies fluttering around on the warmer days we had. We thinks they are as eager for Spring as we are.

Plummeria, our only complaint with it is, it doesn't bloom enough.

These are some of the Wildflowers that grew in our yard this summer. The phone takes better close ups then our camera does.

We just love this picture of the blue flower.

And these are some of our Fall flowers. We sure will be glad when the warm weather is here. We are looking forward to Spring. Some of our Spring flowers are already here, but it is too cold for Mommy to want to venture outside to see them. ~ATCAD


  1. Oh the Plummeria looks great, it would fit to the name of my village Plumieux :o) I will look if we can get some :o)
    easy rider

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  3. Those sure are pretty flowers! We can't wait for spring here - everything is still all snowy. Thank you for visitng our bloggie! The Mom would like to thank you very much for the birthday wishes. :)

  4. guys...thanx for de flash bax...we look for werd ta yur garden toor thiz yeer...but frank lee
    knot bye de burd cottage....☺

  5. Pretty...oh so pretty!

    Was Scylla living out the nursery rhyme about Jack be nimble?? MOL!

    1. MOL, well she tried but she certainly wasn't nimble. The rosebush viciously attacked her tail. She almost lost it, thankfully our wonderful vet was able to repair it.

  6. Oh my what a beautiful array of colours and shapes and sizes and we so are looking forward to Autumn here to fix what summer wrecked in time for winter to wreck it :) we also want to say a huge thankyou for the well wishes for Forrest he has recovered really well and we hope and pray that he does not have a third episode! much loves Fozziemum xxx

  7. Thanks for sharing that flash back. We can't wait to see our flowers around here.


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