Mancat Monday (Flashback 2014)

Mommy finally figured out how to get the pictures off her phone and onto the computer. As you can see Scylla and I enjoy our outside time, especially when Mommy is available for petting.

We has lots of neat wildflowers growing in our yard, little violets and lots of clover.

Sometimes Scylla and I play together, not as much as I have gotten old and grouchy. But sometimes I am still willing to play with the brat.

Mostly we just touch noses and exchange gossip.

Today we are examining the spring flowers that have come up. We love our spring flowers as they are the first flowers that bloom after winter is over, although we do have plants that bloom in the winter.

And Mommy is getting rid of ant beds.

I like to lay in the flowerbeds, I am careful not to squash the plants.

The Quince blooms in early Spring.  We usually let the birds have the fruit, but some people use it to make Quince Jelly. ~Socks reporting for ATCAD

PeeS: Our daffodils are blooming now but Mommy won't go out in the cold to take their picture. We are glad that our colder than normal temperatures do not seem to be hurting the plants.


  1. Being in the garden looks like fun. How did you Mom get rid of the ant beds? We have tons of them and have to pay someone to come spray every other month. they even get in our pool (ICK)

    The Florida Furkids

  2. The human only has one kitty now. She forgot we kitties gossip ;-)

    How thoughtful of you to not squish the plants, Socks!

  3. We like how you compare notes together of your garden times...we do that about things like the sun puddles, and where dog-guy might we can avoid him, MOL!

  4. Great photos of you enjoying the outdoors.

  5. Our daffodils are buried under lots of snow still. We think your mom should brave the cold to take some pictures for us.


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