Tuiren Tuesday (Flashback 2014)

This was back when I was having my heartworm treatment. Mommy made sure I was comfortable and stayed warm.

I took my blankets to the veterinarians office with me so I would have something comforting with me while I was there.

Mister Who was just a puppy. He is all grown up now and lives with Eldest Boy Bean at his house. He still comes to visit sometimes.

We all still get along fine and I look forward to his visits.

He is still as crazy as ever.

He kinda scares the cats because he is so...............


This is our Camilla that blooms Winter-Spring, the other ones we have bloom Fall-Winter.

And this is a picture of Fenris actually on his dog bed. I am not sure how Mommy got him on there he usually avoids it. ~Tuiren, reporting for ATCAD


  1. So good and so brave with your blankie, T. It's good to have some security at the vet's.

    Love and licks,

  2. Oh Turin we remember when you furst arrived and how sick you were... butt your peeps took such FABULOUS care of you... NOW you are WELL and Happy and have a WONDERFUL HOME... Lots to be thankful fur.

  3. Heartworm treatment is rough, I am glad you got through it. Nice blooms.

  4. So good to know you are all ovfur that treatment time:))

  5. Oh Tuiren it makes me a little sad to see those pictures of you going through that tough time with your heartworm treatment. I'm so glad you are all okay now.



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