Attie and Audrey are looking for seperate homes in North Carolina

Many of our long time readers may remember the blog Attie Cattie. Sadly Attie and Audrey never learned to tolerate one another and with a young baby in the house their frequent fights and refusal to use the litterbox has become problematic.  So their humans have decided the best thing for all concerned would be to find new homes for them where they can live separately.

Attie is a purebred Bengal that was rescued from an abusive home. Her pedigree has been lost, due to all the moves Attie has had to make in her life. She is declawed and spayed and while she gets along nicely with dogs she has been bullied by Audrey and at this point doesn't enjoy being around other cats. She is very vocal and beef makes her barf. Currently she is going outside the litterbox due to territorial issues with another cat, and her displeasure over the baby.  Hopefully being an only cat will solve this problem, although since she is declawed that may be a factor in her unwillingness to use the litterbox.

Attie likes playing fetch, toy mice, chicken, and spending all night - LITERALLY - uninterrupted on a lap being skritched.
If you have plenty of attention to give this sweet girl who is losing her home please email 

Audrey is a black shorthair extremely petite, she weighs under 6lbs. Has some issues with plaque, and needs her teeth brushed several times a week.  Currently she is using the bathroom outside the litter-box due to territorial issues with Attie.

Adores arching up like a dolphin for pets. Super cute "purrow" noises when playing with humans. Loves fetch and laser play.

 Oddest thing about Audrey is she likes to eat tomatoes.

Likes to exercise and can jump about 7ft.

Audrey has decided she wants to be an only cat and has started acting aggressively toward the other cats in the household especially Attie.  They do not know how she would react to dogs. If you can give Audrey a cat free home please email


  1. We are sorry to hear this.
    We purr for the best outcome.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  2. Aw, we are sorry to hear they need to get new homes. BUTT we hope they find them quickly and settle in well!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. That is sad, that they can't solve their issues, but maybe they will thrive and blossom into fun kitties in new separate dens. We sure do hope so!

  4. So sad.....we hope they can find a TRULY "forever home" somewhere - they deserve that and much more.

    Hugs, Sammy

  5. We're sad that they need to find new homes. Purrs that something works out for them.

  6. They're both beautiful! Shared and hoping they find purrfect homes soon.

  7. So sad :( Hope they both find homes soon. Sharing.

  8. That sure is sad and we hope it works out purrfectly for everyone.

  9. We hope these kittties find their own special furever homes soon :)

  10. I remember these kitties so well. I blogged with them way back when Admiral was younger. I remember when that trouble started and I admire to the end of days how their mom kept on trying. Much love to her and to the girls. I am so sorry that happened and out of the blue.

  11. This is so sad. I will share this, I wish there was something else to do.


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