Wordy Wednesday ~ Kittens

These are Bobbie's kittens. The one on the left reminds us of Charybdis and she has a tail. The one on the right is bobtailed like Mom Cat.

This is Bobbie you can see she doesn't have a tail here.

The kittens were very shy and hid from Mommy.

Grandpa feeds them in traps, when there are too many cats he traps them and takes them to the Animal Shelter. This makes us very sad. This isn't entirely Grandma & Grandpa's fault, people keep dumping cats at their house.

None of the current cats would let Mommy pet them. Of course she didn't have bacon and eggs to tempt them.

Mommy really wanted to pet the Charybdis look alike, but she was super fast. And Mom is super slow these days.

She did get some good pictures of her though.

Along with some pictures of a ....................................


Grandpa feeds the cats right outside Lady O'Meara's pen. Grandpa didn't let her out because she likes to chase the cats, she doesn't hurt them she just wants to HERD them. But since the kittens are so little Grandpa is keeping her penned up.


  1. Precious little lives. The momma too.

  2. They are all so cute. Is there a local group that could help get them fixed and adopted?

  3. Those kitties are so cute. Too bad they can't be caught and tamed.

  4. They are very cute! it is sad that people dump their kittens and cats!! :'(

  5. I love bobtail cats! Maybe Grandpa can trap that adorable kitten your mommy likes?

    Would be nice if a TNR group could help. My parents were a mini TNR organization themselves. Several cats from a local over-run house made their way to my parents' property and stayed. They were all taken for vaccinations and spayed/neutered. Obviously, they were not true feral cats.

    1. My parents aren't interested in doing anything like that and there aren't any local groups willing to help.

  6. It is very sad that hoomans are so cruel! We hope they all find good homes!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. guys....itz veree nice ta meet yur cuzinz & itz total lee way kewl oh yur gram paw ta help out like him doez ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  8. We think your Grandpaw is doing a good job, despite all the effort needed. Those wee ones are so sweet and purrcious...we hope maybe sometime soon they can find dens where they will no longer need to be feral.


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