Thursday in the Garden with Scylla

Some of our friends were upset when Mommy complained about all the rain we got. They lived in areas where they are in a drought and they thought Mommy should be thankful for the rain, unfortunately to MUCH RAIN is just as bad for plants as too LITTLE RAIN. The water killed our Cape Honeysuckle.

Mommy took this picture to try to convey what she is talking about when she complains about the rain. All this water got dumped on us in the space of 10 minutes. As you can see our sidewalk is flooded and if the plants near the house weren't in pots they would have drowned. There are some plants that like soggy boggy soil, but these don't. We got continual torrential downpours for weeks, the ground never had the chance to dry out. Now unfortunately it is very dry, we would like some nice gentle rain that falls slow enough that it has a chance to soak into the ground, not flood roads and drown plants.

Our weather makes gardening a challenge sometimes. But I has some neat stuff to show you now the sun is out.

Yellow Bells

Trailing Princess.

I just love it's blooms.

Chinese Bell Flower

And we are really proud of this. It is our Coral Bean, it is a native plant and the Hummingbirds LOVE IT!!!!!

The one by the Hummingbird Cottage bloomed up a storm and now it has lots of seed pods on it. The one in the front yard didn't bloom, we don't have a clue why.

The Coral Honeysuckle. This is a baby of the one that drowned, it is nice and safe in a pot.

OK, we needs to walk briskly, I has pounds to shed.

The Trailing Princess is really pretty when t blooms and it is doing GREAT in the hanging basket. I gives it 4 paws.

And these little asters are cute as can be. I hope you enjoyed briskly walking around the garden with ME. ~Scylla, walking for ATCAD


  1. I never fail to love seeing you and hearing you narrate your tours. Even if hearing means reading. xoxox

  2. Mom had to drive through some of that torrential rain last week, S. We know what you mean. There's rain and there's RAIN.

    Love and licks,

  3. Scylla, you always have the most interesting and prettiest flowers to show us.

  4. You have a big job, patrolling your gardens and making sure everything is okay. You're right, though: Too much rain is as bad as too little, each in their own way.

    Purrs and peace.

  5. Very nice tour- I love that coral bean.

  6. The weather is wonky everywhere. either too much rain, no rain or really bad storms. Glad you didn't have to evacuate but sorry you lost your honeysuckle.

  7. Sorry to hear you lost your cape honeysuckle. I have a low area that I think I'm going to add more soil to. I'm afraid rain may drown the honeysuckle fuchsias there.

    You have such a lovely yard to briskly walk around, Scylla :)

  8. scylla...manee thanx for takin uz on de toor; we enjoyed it N we were veree happee noe BURDZ waz in de cottage as we pazzed bye....phew...close one huh !! ♥♥♥

  9. That is a very good reason to have pots. We had lots of rain too, but it doesn't take long for our soil to dry out. We have another few days of rain headed our way now. Mom is happy she won't have to keep watering all the pots this weekend, but sad that it will spoil the weekend and make mud for us.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  10. Yes the rains are strange like that...we had so much here the other day that now there is a sink hole in one of our main streets. Wow! Furry unusual fur this area. And the master gardener of our county says we are in a drought. Really? Yup he says if you dig down the earth is still dry because like you said the rains come so hard and fast they just can't soak in...

    Gklad that a lot of your plants are still fine and we can enjoy their beauty!

  11. We've had so much rain our mom can't get the lawn mowed. We hope it dries out soon so we don't feel like we are in a jungle.


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