Scylla Sunday

 I am helping Mommy water the plants. This is the Bougainvillea.

 This is one of our shade plants it is Peace Lilies mixed with Coleus.

 I likes to hide in the Azaleas.

Now we are going to go inside and eat supper would you like to join us? ~Scylla, conducting garden tours for ATCAD


  1. It's nice of you to help your mom with her watering.

  2. Nice spot, and you're very kind to help your mom ! Purrs

  3. We can see you hiding in there, Scylla - thanks for showing us all the pretty flowers today.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  4. Supper?? Um, Pipo and MJF will love to join you, Minko...well, it would have to be super duper tempting, MOL!

    Thanks fur sharing your pretty plants today:)


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