It's time for Yoga

These little guys are taking up all our peoples time. Youngest named Yin and Yang, and Yang loves to sleep on him.

Poor little Yang, hard to believe a few days ago he almost died. He is back to being an energetic little kitten.

Yin loves to play, she would rather play than eat.

But she is a little piggy.

I am looking forward to meeting the Yoga Kittens, right now they are in isolation. Sean forgot to put the fence up before he let them out.

They get bigger every day.

These pictures were actually taken before Yang got so sick, when they first came to live with us.

They are lots bigger now.

And lots more active. Mommy has nicknamed Yang, Trouble with a capital T cause he keeps climbing up onto things he shouldn't.

Yin, is the great explorer. Mommy's nickname for her is Guenhwyvar, Guen for short. Mommy is reading a book about Guen right now, she said the book is very exciting and extremely riveting but thanks to the Yoga kittens is taking forever to read. ~Socks, reporting on the Yoga Kittens


  1. Sure glad to hear that they are are all doing all right.Good good news. Have a great week end.

  2. What cute little kittens - we hope they all do well and find new homes.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. They are so cute! And we're so glad they are doing better.

  4. We are glad to hear that Yang is feeling better. He sure is a snuggler.

  5. I'm so happy Yang pulled through! They are both so adorable!

  6. Oh what adorable little kittens. So glad that Yang is healthy again! They are all so cute! (Even when they are naughty!)
    We want to thank you for your advice to Tigger about his furs--I hope he will be patient.
    And thanks for the birthday wishes for Patches; I'm sure she heard them from the Rainbow Bridge.

  7. Deer Lady Alasandra wee read 'bout Yang on Aunty Bev (FozzieMum'ss bloggie) an mee wanted to come over an say Mee-you to all of youss'!!!
    Mee iss so happy yur doin bettur now Yang! Mee was berry sick when mee was a month old an mee Brofur an Sisfur also. mee almost died also. Mee KNOWSS what THAT feelss like...
    MEE will do sum seereuss POTP fur you tonite!!! An efurry nite so you make a full recovery an nevurr getss sick again....
    Yurss Purrince Siddhartha Henry of Thee Purrfect Pad =^,.^=

  8. They are so teensy!!! Hope they both continue to do well.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  9. Good to know that recovery has begun. Phew!!

    They are sweethearts:))


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