Pirate Day

Our blog has been hijacked by pirates and our Mommy's heart has been stolen.

This is Captain TROUBLE. Don't let his youth mislead you. He laughs at walking the plank and he climbs the rigging like a pro. Boldly going where no kitten should go.

And the wench Guen looks all sweet and innocent but she'll knock your head off if you gets between her and her grub.

They are terrifying ruffians and we are in grave danger. Even Fenris is terrified of the Pirate Pair.


PeeS: Join us in watching a rerun of The Pirate Queen


  1. The yoga kittens have transformed?? MOL!!

    Such imaginative blogging here, we giggled and thought we could remember the pirate like days of our youth...MOL!!

  2. Aaaargh and Avast! Happy TLAP Day :)

  3. small pirates are always the wildes guys... I hope your mommas heart is well staraged in their treasure chest :o) awwhoy :o)

  4. Arrrgh great pirate post. You all look like fire so,e pirates Enjoy your day.

  5. oh you saucy wench! I am smitten!
    Love, Captain Cody

  6. Those little kitties sure are causing all sorts of mayhem at your place.

  7. avast my mateys. this be a mighty fine day for Pirate talk

  8. Harrrrooooo - Happy PIrates Day - we are sure you will all know how to keep those little cuties in line:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  9. Awwww....ye be fine little pirates!!!

    Happy Pirates Day!

    The Florida Furkids

  10. Those are the cutest pirates we've ever seen ! Purrs

  11. Yar! Tis best to train the young uns early in the ways o pirates!
    They will be terrorizing the seas for many a year ta come! Yar!
    Arrrrrgh, Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  12. Arrrr! Them pirates don’t look so tough. Make ‘em walk the plank. Happy Meow Like A Pirate Day!

  13. ewe wee onez haz steeled lotz oh hearts !!!!♥♥♥♥


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