#CatLadyBox Wednesday

 Mommy was very excited when the mailman dropped this off at our door. One look at the box and she knew it was full of good things for HER and for US.

 Yin said that since she is a Lady Cat she could help Mommy open the package.

 Mommy loved how everything was presented.  On the back of the card with the artistic cat picture suitable for framing according to Mommy there is a list of things that are in the November Cat Lady box.

 These were our presents. We have already told you about the incredible drumstick, so today I will just tell you that the Cloud 9 Cat Treats were incredibly yummy to our tummies and that Mommy liked the container they were in. And Yin and Scylla were very relived to learn they were low calorie, Mommy said that Scylla will be allowed some on special occasions. In other words Mommy let her have a measly two for Thanksgiving. Mommy has Scylla on a very strict diet. 

 Mommy just loved the Leopard Cat Watch according to her a Lady can never have to many animal prints and Leopard is one of her favorites. Which explains her Leopard pjs, house shoes, blouse and boots. So this was a great addition to her Leopard collection. Honestly Mommy would probably get a real live Leopard to hang out with if we would let her.

And this bag and key chain are pawesome. The "Cats Are My Bag" tote is by Xenotees  it's well constructed and very roomy just purrfect for Mommy to cart Library books around in, or her sheet music. The Cat Outline Keychain is by Empurrium and according to Mommy is just too cute for words.

Now we has to tell you Miss Dorian was nice enough to send us this box, but the fact she did in no way influenced our review. Cat Lady Boxes are just Cool.  You can order a Cat Lady Box for your purrson here, get a Crazy Cat Lady box and it'll have a little something for you. And if your purrson is looking for a Christmas gift for a friend that loves cats, this is a great idea for them too.  ~Yang, reporting for ATCAD


  1. We love Dorian and her Cat Lady Boxes!

  2. That sure was a lot of goodies for everyone...well except the dogs.

  3. The very best day of the month is when a new CatLadyBox arrives!

  4. How fun to get so much all at once!

    Did any of you test out the bag??
    We bet you did try the box out! MOL!

  5. squeeeee!!! We get to do a product review too!! We will wait a bit to closer to the holiday. Pawsome review and photos

  6. That is a great box of goodies :) I love the watch .

  7. We love Cat Lady Box. And y'know...that box makes a pretty good napping spot. ;)


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