Thursday in the Garden

 Our Desert Rose.

 The Confederate Rose, it is still blooming in the yard. We have been lucky this year we haven't had a frost yet. Good thing too as Daddy doesn't have the green house put back together.

 The Persian Shield and Poterweed.

 We love the delicate blue blooms on the Poterweed.

 The Cora Cascade Peach Blush Trailing Vinca is still doing well, they like cool weather. The Blue Daze isn't doing so hot, it prefers hot weather.

 The front flowerbed. Mommy cut down the Ironweed and Goldenrod that had gone to seed. The Pineapple Sage is still blooming.

 The Sniffie Rose and Candy Corn Cuphea is doing well and still blooming up a storm.

 Butterfly Flower.
 Our light pink Camilla, these bloom fall/winter.

 Our hot pink Camellia.

 This  Indian Hawthorne has black berries the birds can eat.


 Fire Spike

 Sweet William

Mommy has moved most of the tropical stuff up under the front porch to afford it some protection until slow as a turtle Daddy gets the greenhouse put back together. ~Tuiren, reporting for ATCAD


  1. your garden looks lovely,everything has died of here and the leaves have all dropped,its looking more like winter now even though it mild,xx Speedy

  2. What a joy to see all those blooms...we don't have anything left here except evergreens and some seedpods....

  3. Very pretty! You have so many different kinds of flowers.

  4. We are always amazed at how much you have in bloom. We hope your daddy gets moving and puts that green house back together before you get a frost.

  5. WE who live Above the Mason Dixon Line...(aka..IN THE SNOW BELT) Love and APPRECIATE that you show us your beautiful flowers in the WINTER.

  6. An amazing garden! Mom does a great job with those beautiful flowers

  7. Very nice photos. So nice to see some color this time of year.

  8. What a lovely garden ! Everything is frozen here. Purrs

  9. guys....tell yur mom ta pleez move de Indian Hawthorne az well it knot beein RUINED by ....BURDZ..........

  10. Hope the greenhouse is functional soon! Don't want your beautiful plants to get damaged.

  11. so beautiful. They must be mostly wildflowers? Or are they perennials?

    1. Today's flowers are a mixture of Tropicals (considered tender perennials here), perennials and evergreens.


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